Travel to Dominican Republic, Playa Grande, Bavaro

Dominican Republic today became a famous place for Americans and Europeans destination. It is a place for getaway, a hidden sanctuary place to relaxing everything. It was Christopher Columbus, the first Europeans who found this tropical island. He arrived on Hispaniola on December 5, 1492, during the first of his four voyages to America. Columbus later claimed the island for Spain and named it La EspaƱola. In 1496, Bartholomew Columbus, Christopher's brother, built the city of Santo Domingo, Europe's first permanent settlement called the "New World". It was U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt who sought to prevent European intervention, largely to protect the routes to the future Panama Canal, at that time it's under construction. 
More than just a beach resorts, this is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, from stunning mountain scenery to desert scrub lands, not to mention an evocative colonial architecture and warm welcoming people with tropical climate inside. 

Playa Grande. 
The beaches in Dominican Republic are unspoiled Caribbean jewels that sparkle in the island sun. This stunning exotic beach is an excellent place for a relaxed and restful holiday, for groups of friends, couples or families alike. This magnificent beach is located on the northern shore of Dominican Republic, located 75km (45mi) east away from Puerto Plata, between the towns of Cabrera and Rio San Juan. The big wave in this area makes it a popular spot for surfing and body/boogie boarding. This coastal area offers some of the most exclusive private villas in the country, with unbelievable views of the ocean, made this place a perfect getaway for famous celebrities and superstars. Kim and Courtney Kardashian is two of this kind of tourists often visited this place several times. Stretching on 1.6 km (1 mi), Playa Grande is one of the largest beaches on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The overall area is pretty remote, with the wide expanse of soft beige sand stretching along hills and coconut palms. 

Bavaro/Punta Cana. 
The largest, all-inclusive Europeans and Americans favorite resorts in this area are like self-contained, small cities. Resorts offering include various different restaurant and nightlife options, casinos, golf courses, tropical garden, swimming pools and watersports activities, spas, and even mini-zoo. It is considered one of the major tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic, offering some opportunities to practice many activities and excursions, 50 miles of beaches, and excellent hotels infrastructure.

Pre caution and Beware :
You might find and date famous celebrities superstars here!

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