Best answer: How far away is sydney from the gold coast?


How far is Sydney to Gold Coast by plane? You will travel over 670 kilometres on your flight from Sydney to Gold Coast.

Additionally, what town is halfway between Sydney and the Gold Coast? Halfway between Gold Coast and Sydney The best place to meet based on recommendations from Trippy members is Coffs Harbour. The location closest to the exact midpoint would be Kempsey.

In this regard, is the Gold Coast near Sydney? How to Get from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Sydney and the Gold Coast don’t look so far apart on the map, both being located on Australia’s east coast, but there are actually 540 miles (870 km) between them. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get from Sydney to the Gold Coast by air or overland.

Beside above, how far is Melbourne to Sydney? The distance between Melbourne and Sydney is 714 km. The road distance is 859.7 km.

Best answer for this question, how far is Queensland from Sydney by plane? How long is the flight from Sydney to Queensland? For as low as $73, Jetstar can have you in Queensland from Sydney in 1h 20m. There are 752 km between Sydney and Queensland. Generally, flights for this route are direct.

Is it worth driving from Sydney to Brisbane?

With a distance from Sydney to Brisbane of 900 kilometers, it’s a long trip, but a trip that’s absolutely packed with beautiful sights and scenic landscapes to see along the way. … It’s best to take about two weeks to truly enjoy the drive from Sydney to Brisbane.

Where is the stop between Coffs Harbour and Sydney?

The top stops along the way from Sydney to Coffs Harbour (with short detours) are Manly Beach, Hunter Valley Gardens, and Koala Hospital. Other popular stops include Newcastle Memorial Walk, Australian Reptile Park, and Manly To Spit Bridge Coastal Walk.

What is halfway between two addresses in Australia?

Halfway between Sydney, Australia and Parkes, Australia The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Sodwalls, Australia.

Is Gold Coast safe at night?

Gold coast considered to be one of the most criminal places in Australia with robbery and mugging. Robbers can attack tourists who are too relaxed after an active day. Avoid drunk fights, do not let you in drug-related gangs, and don’t show up on the beaches late at night.

Is Gold Coast a good place to live?

Compared to living in a capital city, the Gold Coast can be an extremely affordable city to live in. Accommodation rates are generally lower than in capital cities, with rooms in a share house starting from as low as $135 per week in great areas such as Southport and Surfers Paradise.

Can you swim in the Gold Coast canals?

‘There have been no fatalities in recent years, but swimmers need to be avoid swimming in canals. ‘ The City of Gold Coast Council warned residents to be aware of stingrays, jellyfish, catfish, stonefish and sharks that frequent local lakes and canals.

Is Sydney in Queensland Australia?

Map of the country of Australia showing Queensland (in green) and major and capital cities – Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney (capital city of New South Wales), Melbourne (capital city of Victoria), Hobart (capital city of Tasmania), Adelaide (capital city of South Australia), Darwin (capital city of the Northern Territory) …

Can you drive from Sydney to Melbourne?

How many days should you allow to drive from Sydney to Melbourne? You can do the inland road in one day – especially if you have two drivers. The coast road requires an overnight stop. Ideally, you should allow two days for the inland road and three days or more for the coast road.

Is Australia bigger than the United States?

United States is about 1.3 times bigger than Australia. Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 27% larger than Australia. … This to-scale map shows a size comparison of Australia compared to United States.

How far is Queensland from Sydney in hours?

Yes, the driving distance between Sydney to Queensland is 908 km. It takes approximately 9h 54m to drive from Sydney to Queensland.

How many hours does it take from Sydney to Queensland?

Flying time from Sydney, Australia to Queensland The total flight duration from Sydney, Australia to Queensland is 2 hours, 18 minutes.

Is there a train from Sydney to Queensland?

Sydney and Brisbane are connected by an XPT rail service operated by New South Wales TrainLink. Two trains run in each direction every day, with an overnight service in each direction and a daylight service in each direction. Trains leave Sydney from Central Station in the city. The journry takes around 16 hours.

Where does the Gold Coast stop from Sydney?

Best stops along Sydney to the Gold Coast drive. The top stops along the way from Sydney to the Gold Coast (with short detours) are Cape Byron Lighthouse Cafe, Hunter Valley Gardens, and The Big Banana Fun Park. Other popular stops include Koala Hospital, Newcastle Memorial Walk, and Coolangatta Beach.

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