Best answer: How much does cake cost in Dubai?

Average Cost: AED 135 for two people (approx.). Customised cakes usually average AED 300. Contact: +971-55-263-0044, and +971-4-344-4462.

As many you asked, what is the cost of 1 kg of cake? Order Chocolate Cake 1 Kg Premium Online, Price Rs. 1749 | FlowerAura.

Amazingly, how much does 500g cake cost? Black Forest Cake 500gm at Rs 325/gram | Chocolate Cake | ID: 17381130612.

Correspondingly, what is the size of 1 kg cake? Weight- 1 Kg. Shape- Round. Serves- 10-12 People. Size- 9 inches in Diameter.

Quick Answer, what is the price of 1 2 kg cake? 1/2 Kg White Forest Cake WF1 at Rs 400/gram | Keshavpura | Kota| ID: 19137333330.2 kg Birthday and Anniversary Cake, Packaging Type: Box, Rs 500 /kg | ID: 21980767197.

What is the price of half kg chocolate cake?

Round Dark Chocolate Cake Half Kg, Rs 999 /piece Ferns N Petals | ID: 17696884791.

What is the price of 2 floor cake?

2 Tier Cake at Rs 800/two kilogram | Bakery Products | ID: 17956742748.

What is the cost of 250 gram cake?

250 Gm Dry Cake, Packaging Type: Box, Rs 150 /box Fiesta Eatery Pvt Ltd | ID: 22552783962.

What are the 3 types of cake?

  1. Yellow Cake. Also called yellow butter cake, yellow cake is the quintessential vanilla-flavored cake that’s beloved for layered birthday cakes and casual snacking cakes alike.
  2. White Cake.
  3. Pound Cake.
  4. Sponge Cake.
  5. Chiffon Cake.
  6. Angel Food Cake.
  7. Devil’s Food Cake.
  8. Red Velvet Cake.

How many kg is a 10 inch cake?

ZenShop, Aluminum Cake Mould 10 inch Diameter Approx for (2 kg Cake).

What is the price of 0.5 kg cake?

0.5kg White Forest Cake at Rs 699/pack | Mumbai| ID: 20203390230.

How many kg is a 9 inch cake?

Aluminum Round Cake Pan have 9″ Inch diameter by 2″ Inch Height. It has 1.5KG cakes capacity. This cake tin is Ideal for Cakes Molding Sugar Paste & Chocolate, Ice Cream, Desserts.

What is a 500 gram cake?

500 Gram Cakes are the most powerful multi-shot repeaters on the market. 500 grams is the maximum amount of pyrotechnic powder allowed in a multi-shot repeater. When you light one of these it is like having a 10 to 120 second display in a box with anywhere from 5 to 500 shots.

Which cake is best for birthday?

  1. Black Forest Cake. Black Forest is perhaps the most famous flavour of cake across the world.
  2. Chocolate Truffle Cream Cake.
  3. Pineapple Cake.
  4. Creamy Vanilla Fruit cake.
  5. Kit Kat Cake.
  6. Blueberry Glaze Cake.
  7. Heavenly Caramel Cream Cake.
  8. Classic Almond Cake.

What is the price of 3 pound cake?

Chocolate Cake at Rs 5500/3 pound | Chocolate Cake | ID: 13782292112.

What is cost of 3 kg cake?

Order 2 Tier Black Forest cake 3 KG Cake Online, Price Rs. 2899 | FlowerAura.

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