Best answer: How to plan a trip to valencia and paris in 6 days?


With four to five days you can really enjoy the city. After seeing the sights, spend a day or two lazing on Valencia’s wide and inviting beaches. The city’s efficient metro train will take you to the La Marina station, which allows easy access to the many sections of the beach, like Playa de la Malvarossa.

Also, what is there to do in Valencia for the week?

  1. Climb the tower of the cathedral.
  2. Grab a bite at the Mercado Central.
  3. Visit the Silk Exchange.
  4. Climb one of the city gates.
  5. Check out the street art in El Carmen.
  6. Optional: visit the bullring and bullfighting museum.
  7. Spend a day at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.
  8. Go for a walk in the Turia Park.

Considering this, is 3 days enough in Valencia? I recommend spending a long weekend in Valencia (3 or 4 days), especially if you’re visiting the city as part of a bigger tour of Spain. If you have more time to play with then you could easily enjoy a full week here, especially if you’re travelling as a family (Valencia is particularly family friendly).

Subsequently, is 2 days in Valencia enough? Here is what to do in Valencia on a 2 days trip. The city is full of history, flavors, modern buildings, and street art. If you don’t mind wake up early and sleep late, 2 days are more than enough to enjoy the city. … Our guide explained the city’s history, local drinks and street art.

You asked, where should I stay in Valencia for the first time?

  1. Ciutat Vella (Old Town) – for a First Time Visitor. Ciutat Vella, the Old Town, is my recommendation. It is the best area to stay in Valencia because it is located in the city centre, the host of the main attractions to see such as the Central Market, Valencia Cathedral, Plaza de la Reina, Plaza del Carmen, etc.

Is Valencia or Barcelona better?

Both cities have a Mediterranean climate and sunshine year-round. Since Barcelona is further north, the average temperature is colder than Valencia by 3 degrees Celsius. So, Valencia is the winner!

What to know before going to Valencia?

  1. It has its own language.
  2. It has curious costumes.
  3. It’s the home of paella.
  4. It’s a foodie paradise.
  5. There are lots of explosions.
  6. The festivals are completely insane.
  7. It has amazing beaches.
  8. You don’t need to pack your umbrella.

Is Valencia expensive to visit?

Re: Is Valencia Expensive? Not expensive compared to Barcelona or Madrid. I would say even cheaper than Seville and Granada. Budget for about 60 per person per day for quite a comfortable visit.

Which is the best area to stay in Valencia?

  1. Best area: Ciutat Vella. Ciutat Vella, literally Old Town, is the historic district of Valencia.
  2. Poblats Maritims.
  3. Ruzafa.
  4. Extramurs.
  5. Quatre Carreres (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)

Is Valencia safe for tourists?

Valencia is very safe to visit. Apart from the pickpockets, which are common in this country, tourists should encounter no other problems. Use your common sense and your trip should go smoothly.

What is Valencia best known for?

The Spanish city is famed for its temperate climate, good food – it is the home of paella – and Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences. Nowhere has fortune favoured the brave more than in Valencia.

Is Valencia a walkable city?

Valencia is a Dream for Walkers and Cyclists. U.S. based gives Valencia a near perfect Walk Score for almost every area of the city.

Does Valencia have a beach?

The best beaches in the Region of Valencia: from Castellón to Alicante. The Region of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, enjoys a pleasant microclimate which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The 520-kilometre coastline attracts travellers who want to enjoy its many beaches.

How do I get from Valencia airport to the city Centre?

The Valencia airport taxi journey will take around 20 minutes with a fee of around 21€. There are alternatively two public transport methods. The metro will take you to the centre in around 25 minutes and costs 3.90€ for the journey. The bus is the cheapest method, costing 1.50€ and taking approximately 25-30 minutes.

Is Valencia good for nightlife?

Before Ibiza was put on the map, Valencia took the crown for the best nightlife in Spain. To this day, this city’s reputation exceeds expectations with its diverse music, endless bars and year-round clubs.

How far is beach from Valencia city Centre?

The closest beaches in Valencia are just 10-20 minutes from the center, making it easy for visitors to stay close to the city yet get to the beach with no stress. If you’re looking for a more secluded beach, the region has plenty of options, both North and South of the city.

Is Valencia beautiful?

Valencia may be Spain’s third largest city, but it’s hardly its third-most-visited one. … It ended up being a great decision and I realized Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

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