Best answer: What is the gps location of toronto?


Satellite Map of Toronto, ON, Canada The latitude of Toronto, ON, Canada is 43.651070, and the longitude is -79.347015. Toronto, ON, Canada is located at Canada country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 43° 39′ 3.8520” N and 79° 20′ 49.2540” W.

Frequent question, where is Toronto located and why? Where is Toronto located? Toronto is in Canada. It is the capital city of the province of Ontario. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and forms part of the border between Canada and the United States.

People ask also, what is the relative location of Toronto? Relative location is a description of where a place is located in relation to other places. For example, Toronto is located in the south part of the Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

As many you asked, how can I find a GPS location?

  1. Tap “My Location” (the bulls-eye target icon). This should center the map on your phone’s current location.
  2. Press and hold your finger on your current location that appears for more details.
  3. The GPS coordinates of your position will appear followed by the address.

Amazingly, what cities are the same latitude as Toronto? –Toronto is the same latitude as Marseille, France, making Toronto south of the French Riviera. -Moscow is by far the biggest city north of 50deg. -At 60deg, Helsinki sits on the same latitude line that forms the southern border of Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Is Toronto south of Boston?

Toronto is further south than Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle and is just. slightly further north than Detroit, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

What are the 6 cities of Toronto?

Toronto City, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, East York Are The 6 Boroughs Of The T-Dot.

Is Toronto a coastal city?

It has a maximum east–west distance of 43 km (27 mi) and it has a 46-kilometre (29 mi) long waterfront shoreline, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands and Port Lands extend out into the lake, allowing for a somewhat sheltered Toronto Harbour south of the downtown core.

Is Toronto bigger than New York City?

Greater Toronto Area is 9.12 times as big as New York City (US) New York City (NYC), often called simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

What is Toronto’s nickname?

  1. The Six/6/6ix. Historically, as Toronto is Canada’s largest municipality, ‘the Six’ refers to the original cities of Toronto, North York, Scarborough, York, Etobicoke, and the former borough of East York.

What is the relative location of Canada’s cities?

In which hemisphere is Canada located?

Even though it is situated in the Americas, historically it has perceived itself—and has been perceived by the world—largely as a European outpost. In particular, Canada has identified much more with the Northern Hemisphere than with the Western Hemisphere.

How can I find a GPS tracker on my phone?

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap on Lock screen and security.
  3. Tap on Other security settings. (This step may be unnecessary depending on your particular device and Android version.)
  4. Tap on Device admin apps.
  5. Tap Find My Device.
  6. Tap Activate.

Do all smartphones have GPS?

Today, most cell phones come with their own GPS tracking system. While the standard GPS that comes in an iPhone or Android phone may not be sensitive enough to give an exact address where the phone is located, it can narrow the location to within a small area.

Is Toronto more north than London?

Even the southernmost point of Britain is further north than the northernmost part of the contiguous United States (the 48 adjoining states, so this does not include Alaska or Hawaii), while London lies further north than almost all major Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto.

Is Toronto in the same latitude as Rome?

Answer: Florence. Ontario’s capital and the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region are both at 43.7 degrees north latitude.

Is Toronto is the eastern or Western Hemisphere?

Located north of the Equator and extending into the Arctic Circle, Canada is located in the Northern Hemishere entirely. Canada, therefore, is in the Northern Hemisphere as it lies north of the Equator, and it is also in the Western Hemisphere as it lies to the west of the Prime Meridian in Greenwich England.

How far south is Toronto from Minneapolis?

The distance between Toronto and Minneapolis is 695 miles. The road distance is 932.6 miles.

Is Portland further north than Toronto?

Oregon’s largest city is 45.52 degrees latitude, which is further north than Toronto, which clocks in at 43.70 degrees.

Is Boston safer than Toronto?

Both cities are among the safest in their respective countries.

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