Best answer: What town is halfway between sydney and adelaide?


Hay, NSW. The township of Hay in the middle of the vast Hay Plains marks roughly the halfway point between Sydney and Adelaide.

As many you asked, where should I stop between Sydney and Adelaide? The best way to travel from Sydney to Adelaide is via Albury and Bendigo. You can also choose the fastest route, which is the Sydney to Hay NSW drive, stopping at Wagga Wagga and then Hay to Adelaide, but, in general, it is less scenic. Another possibility is to drive Sydney to Adelaide via Broken Hill.

You asked, what is halfway to Adelaide? Halfway between Melbourne, Australia and Adelaide, Australia The best city between Melbourne, Australia and Adelaide, Australia to meet is Horsham, Australia which is about 35 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Nhill, Australia.

Correspondingly, how far apart is Sydney and Adelaide? Distance To Sydney From Adelaide is: 722 miles / 1161.95 km / 627.4 nautical miles.

People ask also, how far is Broken Hill from Sydney to Adelaide? The most historic journey is via Broken Hill — a true jewel in New South Wales that’s 13 hours west of Sydney, then another six to Adelaide — but the quickest route is via Wagga Wagga in the south of the state, chopping the trip down to about 14 and a half hours. Roads are well-laid and clearly signposted.Main highway off limits South Australia’s strict rule about not visiting Victoria also means residents of south-west NSW will be barred from crossing into the state using the most direct sealed route.

How much does it cost to drive from Adelaide to Sydney?

The total cost of driving from Adelaide, Australia to Sydney, Australia (one-way) is $167.18 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $334.36 to go from Adelaide, Australia to Sydney, Australia and back to Adelaide, Australia again. Regular fuel costs are around $4.91 per gallon for your trip.

Can Google maps show halfway point?

Google Maps does not support the halfway point feature. In other words, the app cannot automatically calculate the midpoint between two different locations, or multiple locations for that matter.

Where is half way between Adelaide and Melbourne?

The city at the geographic halfway point from Adelaide, Australia to Melbourne, Australia is Nhill, Australia.

Where do you stop when driving from Melbourne to Adelaide?

  1. STOP 1: Melbourne.
  2. STOP 2: Werribee.
  3. STOP 3: Geelong.
  4. STOP 4: Lorne.
  5. STOP 5: Apollo Bay.
  6. STOP 6: Warrnambool.
  7. STOP 7: Mount Gambier.
  8. STOP 8: Adelaide.

How long does it take to drive from Adelaide to Sydney via Melbourne?

I would estimate your total trip to be well over 30 hours of driving.

How long is the train journey from Adelaide to Sydney?

Is there a direct train between Adelaide and Sydney? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Adelaide Parklands and arriving at Central Station station. Services depart twice a week, and operate Sunday. The journey takes approximately 25h 15m.

Where should I stay between Adelaide and Broken Hill?

To reach the midway point from Broken Hill to Adelaide, you would drive for about 2 hours, 46 minutes or roughly 257 km from Adelaide to the halfway stop. The best place to meet based on recommendations from Trippy members is Orroroo.

Is Broken Hill closer to Sydney or Adelaide?

Broken Hill – an outback mining town of art, historic buildings and unique landscapes – lies just over 1,100 km west of Sydney and 500 km north east of Adelaide.

Can you catch a train from Sydney to Adelaide?

Great Southern Railway (GSR) run the Indian Pacific train once each week from Sydney to Adelaide. This train departs Sydney Central station mid afternoon on Wednesdays and travels for 24 hours before arriving mid afternoon the following day at Adelaide Keswick rail terminal.

Is Sydney close to Adelaide?

The average distance by plane from Adelaide to Sydney is 1160 kilometres. Adelaide (ACST: UTC +10.30) is 30 minutes behind Sydney (AEST: UTC +10). There’s one airport: Sydney Airport (SYD). The airport is 8 kilometres from Sydney city centre.

Is Rufus River Road sealed?

Out along the highway to Mildura and then back in to Wentworth, or along the back road. An unsealed road via Cooltong, past a few stations, and down around Lake Victoria. … The Rufus River Road was the one that took us down around Lake Victoria, and back close to the Murray River.

Is it cheaper to drive than fly?

Driving might be the cheapest option for you. Even though it can take longer to drive than fly for long-distance trips, gas and lodging can be cheaper than plane tickets, baggage fees, and rental cars.

Is it cheaper to drive or fly?

The decision to drive or fly often boils down to the overall cost. With flying, the price of the trip multiplies every time you add another seat. With driving, you pay per car, not per person.

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