Can i use myki card in sydney?


Can I use my myki card on Sydney‘s public transport? No. They use a different card called an Opal.

In this regard, can I use my Sydney Opal card in Melbourne? With Opal, locals and visitors only need to get a card once to travel on trains, buses, Sydney Ferries and light rail,” the spokesperson said. … It can also be used on some bus routes from Melbourne Airport.

Beside above, where can I use my myki card? Myki is your ticket to travel on Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses, V/Line commuter train services and buses in Seymour, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, the Latrobe Valley and Warragul.

Correspondingly, how much is the train fare from Melbourne to Sydney? The best way to get from Melbourne to Sydney without a car is to train which takes 11h 17m and costs $75 – $250.

Frequent question, do you have to use an Opal card in Sydney? If you don’t have an Opal card or use contactless payments, you will need to get an Opal single trip ticket. Designed as a back up option, Opal single tickets are available for metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail. … Opal single tickets are available as Adult or Child/Youth only.You can use an Opal card for an Opal fare on metro/train, bus, ferry or light rail services in Sydney and surrounds. … With OpalPay, just tap with your Opal card for fast, convenient way to pay your fare.

Can I use Opal card in regional NSW?

With NSW TrainLink you can travel by train and coach to 365+ destinations across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. You cannot use an Opal card for travel on these services. …

Do myki cards expire?

All myki smartcards expire after four years. A Mobile myki expires after two years. If your myki has expired, or is due to expire within 60 days, you’re entitled to an on-the-spot replacement. Your current balance will be transferred to the new myki, which you can use immediately.

Can myki be used on iPhone?

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android you can now top up your myki card with instant myki Money top up using Near-Field Communication (NFC). To use this feature download the latest version of the PTV app and make sure your phone is NFC enabled.

Can you transfer Money between myki cards?

No. Mobile myki is different to an existing myki card. You’ll need to buy and top up a new Mobile myki. To transfer any funds from your existing myki to Mobile myki you’ll need to deactivate the existing card.

Can I catch a train from Melbourne to Sydney?

Taking Melbourne to Sydney train is definitely one of the most comfortable ways to travel between the two largest cities in Australia. It will take you from Melbourne station to Sydney Station in around 12 hours by a regular intercity train, and in approximately 11 hours by a comfortable night train.

Can Victorians enter NSW?

If you are a close contact and you are fully vaccinated, you are permitted to enter NSW and you must self-isolate until it has been 7 days since you were last at the place of high concern. You may enter NSW if you have been tested and your test returns a negative result.

Can you drive from Sydney to Melbourne?

How many days should you allow to drive from Sydney to Melbourne? You can do the inland road in one day – especially if you have two drivers. The coast road requires an overnight stop. Ideally, you should allow two days for the inland road and three days or more for the coast road.

Can I buy an Opal card at Sydney Airport?

Opal cards are available from ticket windows at the Domestic Airport and International Airport stations. Best of all, the more you travel with Opal the more you can save.

Can you buy an Opal card from Woolworths?

Opal Cards now available from 1,000 retailers including 7-Eleven and Woolworths. … “Customers can now visit 1,000 retailers to get their Opal card, including all 200 7-Eleven stores across Greater Sydney, newsagents, petrol stations and local corner stores,” Ms Berejiklian said.

How much does an Opal card cost Sydney?

How much does an Opal card cost? The card is free when you load a minimum amount onto it. The minimum cost is $20 for adult cards, $10 for child cards (other types such as seniors and students cards must be ordered).

How do you use public transport in Sydney?

Public transport is used across Australia by locals, commuters and visitors alike, and Sydney is no exception. To use public transport including buses, trains, ferries and light rail in Sydney, you can either purchase an Opal card or use a credit card with tap-and-go functionality.

Can you use Apple pay on Sydney buses?

It’s been a long time coming, but the NSW-based Opal card now works not just across trains, ferries, and light rail, but also bus services, too. Sydney’s bus system has just joined the 21st century.

Does 7 Eleven sell go cards?

Most 7-Eleven stores will stop providing go card services as of Saturday 31 October. … In a note, Translink informed that is a commercial decision taken by 7-Eleven and that it is working with other store owners to expand the go card retailer network.

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