Frequent answer: How long is the drive from toronto to tobermory?


Year after year scuba divers visit the peninsula to dive into its clear turquoise water and explore Tobermory‘s famous shipwrecks. Tobermory and the entire Bruce Peninsula are worth a visit if you are a nature lover – it is such a unique place in Canada that it made it into our Canadian travel bucket list.

Subsequently, where should I stop between Toronto and Tobermory?

  1. Toronto.
  2. Terra Nova Public House Restaurant and Pub.
  3. Spirit Rock Conservation Area.
  4. Greig’s Caves.
  5. Rachel’s Bakery & Fifties Diner.
  6. Fathom Five National Marine Park.
  7. Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar.
  8. Shipwreck Lee’s of Tobermory.

People ask also, how do I spend a day in Tobermory?

  1. Shipwreck Boat Tour in Big Tub Harbour.
  2. Flowerpot Island.
  3. Visit The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park.
  4. Enjoy ice cream at The Sweet Shop on Bay Street.
  5. Visit Singing Sands Beach.

Likewise, can you do a day trip to Tobermory from Toronto? The truth is, you can do a one day trip to Tobermory from Toronto, if you are willing to wake up early! The trick to making it happen is timing. We headed out very early in the morning and drove up Highway 6 from the Burlington area to escape the suburban sprawl.

You asked, how many days should you spend in Tobermory? Our trip to Tobermory spanned two days, including the drive, so you can easily enjoy this trip without booking any extra vacation days from work. Make sure you check out our detailed road trip packing list to make sure you have everything you need for a memorable holiday.

Does Tobermory have beaches?

The largest beach in the area is called “Singing Sands” on the Lake Huron side.

Does Tobermory have waterfalls?

Any river or stream that originates above the escarpment and flows towards Lake Ontario or the Georgian Bay is going to fall off the escarpment at some point, resulting in a waterfall. The Bruce Trail follows the escarpment from Tobermory all the way to Niagara falls, and passes by dozens of waterfalls.

How do you dress for Tobermory?

Flowerpot Island Make sure to wear comfortable, sturdy shoes or hiking boots if you want to get off on the island. I recommend to pack some lunch and a swimming suit, and spend some time on the island exploring and taking photos.

What is there to do in Tobermory at night?

Stargazing. Stargazing is one of the great activities to do in Tobermory! The area is actually a Dark Sky Preserve to it would make sense that it’s great for stargazing. We only got to enjoy stargazing during our first visit there because the second time we went it was super cloudy the entire weekend.

Where should I stay when visiting Tobermory?

  1. Cedar Vista Motel – Tobermory.
  2. Tobermory Resort Inn & Suites – Tobermory – Bedroom.
  3. Mikinaak Cottage & Cabin Rentals – Tobermory – Bedroom.
  4. Peacock Villa Motel – Tobermory.
  5. Little Tub Harbour Cottage – Tobermory – Outdoors view.
  6. Grandview Motel – Tobermory.

Can you swim at Tobermory?

Swimming Spots Lake Huron Singing Sands Beach Public, sandy beach, shallow warm water, a couple of easy hiking trails, public washroom/change rooms. Part of Bruce Peninsula National Park. Directions – Turn off Highway 6 onto Dorcas Bay Rd. Singing Sands Entry will be on the Right hand side.

What is there to do in Tobermory for free?

  1. Big Tub Lighthouse. 316. Lighthouses. By 488willyg.
  2. Tobermory Harbour. Marinas.
  3. The Sweet Shop. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  4. Golden Gallery Tobermory. Speciality & Gift Shops • Paint & Pottery Studios.
  5. Reader’s Haven Book Store. Speciality & Gift Shops.

What is Tobermory known for?

The community is known as the “fresh water SCUBA diving capital of the world” because of the numerous shipwrecks that lie in the surrounding waters, especially in Fathom Five National Marine Park. Tobermory and the surrounding area are popular vacation destinations.

Is it worth going to Flowerpot island?

The interior of the island has some really good hiking trails that are worthwhile doing. The main attraction is the croppy outgrowth of rock that is the “Flowerpot”. The walk to there is well worth it.

What is there to do in Tobermory?

  1. Why Tobermory? Extraordinary, Georgian Bay waters surround this region so the waters are this turquoise blue.
  2. Owen Sound is the nearest city to the small community of Tobermory and one you could get lost in.
  3. Fathom Five National Marine Park.

Can you swim halfway log dump?

This sandy beach features shallow, warmer, water where groups can spread out on the shore to soak up some sun. On the other side of the peninsula, the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay at Indian Head Cove and Halfway Log Dump are an appealing draw to break the heat. You will quickly find out how cold the water is.

What is there to do in Tobermory in the fall?

After dinner, catch a Blue Heron or Bruce Anchor boat for a Sunset Cruise. This is a one of a kind tour of the Fathom Five National Marine Park, and the best place to enjoy the sunset in Tobermory. With less tourists and the leaves changing colour, autumn is the best time to visit the National Park.

Is there a ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island?

The M.S Chi-Cheemaun is a passenger ferry capable of transporting 600 passengers and 150 vehicles, offering scenic crossings between Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula and South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.

Can you swim at the Grotto Tobermory?

The Grotto, Tobermory is one of the most popular scenic destinations in all of Ontario. This is an area of rocky cliffs and carved-out caves along the Georgian Bay side of Bruce Peninsula. Although it’s not possible to swim in or explore the caves right now, The Grotto is still beautiful enough to warrant a visit.

Is Bruce Peninsula Open?

Most of the Bruce Trail is open. As parks, conservation areas, municipalities and other landowners make changes to the status of their land and facilities, we will update this page.

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