Frequent answer: How many premierships have the sydney swans won?


The South Melbourne/Sydney Swans Football Club has won 10 premierships over its history, including and five VFA premierships five VFL/AFL premierships.

Similarly, what AFL teams have won 3 premierships in a row? The most consecutive AFL Grand Final wins by an Australian Football League team is 3, achieved by Brisbane Lions (Australia) from 2001 to 2003. This was equaled by Hawthorn Football Club (Australia) from 2013 to 2015.

Also the question is, how many grand finals have Western Bulldogs won? The club has won two VFL/AFL premierships, in 1954 and 2016 and was runner-up in 1961 and 2021.

Moreover, which AFL team has won the most wooden spoons? Records. St Kilda has won the most wooden spoons of any existing AFL team, with 27. Its most recent wooden spoon came in 2014. This is followed up by North Melbourne, with 14 wooden spoons.

Also, how many premierships have St Kilda won? St Kilda have won a single premiership to date, a one-point win in the 1966 VFL Grand Final against Collingwood. They have also qualified for the grand final on six additional occasions.The match, attended by 80,897 spectators, was won by Footscray by 51 points, marking that club’s first VFL premiership; it had won 9 premierships in the Victorian Football Association (VFA) before entering the VFL in 1925.

Who has won 4 AFL premierships in a row?

Only one team have won four consecutive grand finals, Collingwood in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930.

Which AFL team has gone the longest without a Premiership?

The Bulldogs have the opportunity to end the longest current AFL/VFL premiership drought on Saturday, by adding to their single premiership from way back in 1954. They haven’t tasted premiership success in 62 years, but it’s not quite as long as a couple of other premiership droughts throughout history.

Did Collingwood win 4 premierships in a row?

The Collingwood Football Club is an Australian rules football club playing in the Australian Football League. … They hold the record for most premierships in a row with 4 (1927–1930) and remain the only VFL club to have gone through a full home and away season undefeated (1929).

Who owns the Sydney Swans?

The Swans remain under the control of an AFL appointed board (a position shared by newcomers GWS and Gold Coast, and now the Adelaide clubs). In 1986, North Melbourne floated itself on the stock exchange – the only VFL club to do so, and one of two clubs in the AFL to have done so (the other being West Coast).

How many grand finals have Hawthorn lost?

Hawthorn has appeared in the finals 36 times, reaching the Grand Final 19 times, and winning 13 premierships.

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