Frequent answer: How to calculate built up area of the land dubai?


How to calculate built-up area? Logically, built-up area = carpet area + areas covered by walls.

As many you asked, how is GFA calculated in Dubai? Gross Floor Area (GFA): The sum of the floor area of all the floors of a building measured from the exterior walls or from the centerlines of common walls joining two spaces Gross Floor Area (GFA) for FAR Calculation – The sum of usable areas and Circulation Areas equal the gross floor area of a building.

Additionally, how is GFA calculated in UAE? Gross Floor Area (GFA) for FAR calculation: The sum of areas 1 and 2 equal the gross floor area of a building. For determining FAR the measurement of the GFA to be used shall include the floor area devoted to: A) attic space with a headroom of 2.15 meters ( 7 feet) or more, B)

Correspondingly, what is GFA and Bua? The Built Up Area (BUA) is the total area being developed or constructed. … Meanwhile, the Gross Floor Area (GFA) is the total floor area of a building including any underground saleable or leasable area (such as basement shops) but excluding parking and underground technical areas.

People ask also, how do you calculate built up area and super built up area? Super built-up area when the common area is known: ft, then the area proportional to one housing unit would be the total common area divided by the number of apartments. So, 2800 sq. ft divided by 10 apartments = 280 sq. ft per apartment.

Is staircase included in built up area?

Built up area refers to the sum of the carpet area, plus the area taken by both exterior walls and interior walls, balcony, and also exterior staircase and corridor if any. Built up area may also include any exclusive terrace, if any, and constitutes about 70% to 80% of the super built up area.

What is the difference between GFA and built up area?

If it’s a 3-storey house, the built-up area is approx 3 x 700 = 2,100 sqft. Plot ratio is a factor used to derive the GFA (Gross Floor Area). Using the same example of 2,000 sqft land and plot ratio of 1.4, GFA = 2,000 x 1.4 = 2,800 sqft which is max permissible built-in floor area for the house.

What is built up area and floor area?

The built-up area of a premise is measured from the external perimeter wall surfaces. It is the carpet area plus the wall thickness along with other unusable areas within the apartment such as the dry balcony, terrace, flower beds, etc. It is always more than the carpet area.

Is floor area and built up area same?

Floor area : area of a house between walls. Or built up area minus area occupied by walls, Carpet area: Area of bed rooms,and halls.

What is FAR calculation?

Floor area ratio (FAR) is the measurement of a building’s floor area in relation to the size of the lot/parcel that the building is located on. … Typically, FAR is calculated by dividing the gross floor area of a building(s) by the total buildable area of the piece of land upon which it is built.

Is basement calculated in built up area?

What rankles many property buyers is the fact that developers charge them on the basis of super built-up area, which also includes common spaces like the staircase, lobby, lifts, building maintenance room, etc. Basement is not added to the common area and is typically sold separately as parking slots.

What is plot area?

Plot Area: The area which is surrounded by a boundary line (fencing) is called as Plot Area. In simple words, the total area which belongs to you in a city or town is termed as a Plot area. The term Plot area is majorly used in gated communities, townships and named as Plot Area 1, PA-2 etc.

How do you calculate ground floor area?

  1. Measure all exterior dimensions of that floor, including stairwells.
  2. Construct a diagram showing these measurements.
  3. Add the square footage of each area together for the gross floor area.

How do I calculate the floor area of my house?

Floor area refers to the area or space enclosed by the exterior walls of the housing unit. In case of housing units with several floors or storeys, get the area of each floor/storey in square meters or square feet and add them together to get the total floor area of the entire housing unit.

What is a built up area called?

The total area of the building in the area of the plot (plot area) is called the built-up area. In simple terms, the area excluding the empty space around the building is called the plinth area or built-up area.

How is construction area covered calculated?

  1. Add wall width to each dimension in floor plan if wall is not already included.
  2. Follow step 4 to 7 as above.
  3. Sum up the values from step 4 to 7 to get the covered area for your flat.

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