Frequent answer: What is paris reply when capulet makes his announcement?


What is Paris’ reply when Capulet makes his announcement? Paris responds by saying, “I wish it was Thursday already.” He is very anxious for the wedding.

People ask also, what does Paris want How does Capulet respond? How does Lord Capulet respond to Paris proposal to marry Juliet? Lord Capulet response to Paris proposal to marry Juliet is to wait a couple more years when she is an adult because she is only thirteen.

Amazingly, what does Paris Ask about Capulet What is Capulet’s first answer? What does Paris ask Capulet? He asks Capulet if he can marry Juliet. What is Capulet’s first answer? She is a stranger in the world, she is too young.

Similarly, why has Paris come to see Capulet What is Capulet’s response to Paris’s request? Paris has came to visit Capulet because Paris loves juliet and he wants Capulet’s permission to marry Juliet. However, Capulet gives advice to Paris which is go to the party and see if he finds other girls he likes because Capulet thinks Juliet is too young to marry.

Beside above, what Paris tells Capulet? Summary: Count Paris, a kinsman of the Prince, tells Capulet that he wants to marry his daughter, Juliet. Capulet’s a little reluctant to agree because his daughter is so young, but he tells Paris that if he can woo Juliet successfully, then he’ll grant him permission to marry her.What is Capulet’s first answer? Paris asks if he may marry Juliet, Capulet’s daughter. At first, Capulet declines, saying she is too young.

Does Capulet approve of Paris?

4.2: Lord Capulet is going on with his preparations for the wedding, whether or not Juliet likes it. Happily for him, she comes back from a visit to Friar Laurence and apologizes for her behavior. Lord Capulet rejoices at her agreement to marry Paris and decides to move the wedding to the very next day.

What does Paris say in response what can you infer about this setting and society from this response?

What can you infer about this setting and society from this response? Paris says that there are many girls younger than Juliet who are already wives and mothers. You can infer that parents married their daughters at a very young age. Sometimes as young as 12 years old.

What advice does Lord Capulet give Paris in regards to Juliet?

What advice does Lord Capulet give Paris in regards to Juliet? advises Paris to wait 2 more years and “woo” her to win her heart 18.

How old is Juliet?

A 13-year-old girl, Juliet is the only daughter of the patriarch of the House of Capulet. She falls in love with the male protagonist Romeo, a member of the House of Montague, with which the Capulets have a blood feud. The story has a long history that precedes Shakespeare himself.

What is Capulet’s response?

What is Capulet’s response? Capulet says that his daughter, Juliet, is not yet fourteen, but in two years they can marry if she is willing. Paris responds that girls younger than she have been married.

What is Paris reaction to Capulet’s statement about his daughters age?

Paris argues: Younger than she are happy mothers made. And Capulet voices one of his major objections. And too soon marr’d are those so early made.

What does Capulet promise Paris?

Capulet, saying that Juliet will do as she is told, promises Paris that she will marry him in three days.

What does Capulet tells his wife to say to Juliet?

What does Capulet tell his wife to say to Juliet? Capulet tells his wife to tell Juliet she is to be married to Paris on Thursday.

How does Lord Capulet respond to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris?

What is Capulet’s reaction when he learns that Juliet refuses to marry Paris? He threatens to disown her from their family. What does the nurse tell Juliet she should do? Tells her to marry Paris because he’s better than Romeo and her marriage with Romeo is now over.

What is Lady Capulet’s reaction to Paris proposal?

Lady Capulet informs Juliet of Paris’s marriage proposal and praises him extravagantly. Juliet says that she has not even dreamed of marrying, but that she will consider Paris as a possible husband if her parents wish her to.

Who doesn’t think Juliet should marry Paris?

Why is Friar Laurence reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet? Friar Laurence is reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet because she is already married to Romeo, so that means she would be married to two people at once.

What does Lady Capulet think of Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris will be at the party they are hosting at their house that night, and Juliet should carefully examine him to see if she likes him enough to marry him. Lady Capulet describes Paris as virtuous and handsome and suggests Juliet should do her best to like him.

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