Frequent answer: What is the best arrondissement to stay in paris?


  1. Le Marais (4e Arrondissement) is Affordable and Safe.
  2. Latin Quarter (5e Arrondissement) is a Walkable Neighborhood.
  3. Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6e Arrondissement) Has Great Parks.
  4. Tour Eiffel (7e Arrondissement) is Safe and Family-Friendly.

Quick Answer, what is the prettiest arrondissement in Paris?

  1. Montmartre. Photo: jptinoco/
  2. Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Photo via Café de Flore.
  3. Ile de la Cité
  4. Butte-aux-Cailles.
  5. Passy.
  6. Opéra – Grands Boulevards.
  7. The Marais.

Likewise, which is the nicest arrondissement?

  1. Le Marais (4th arrondissement)
  2. Les Halles (1st arrondissement)
  3. St-Germain-des-Pres (6th arrondissement)
  4. Quartier Latin (5th arrondissement)
  5. Oberkampf (11th arrondissement)
  6. St Laurent (10th arrondissement)

Also, is 2nd arrondissement a good place to stay? The 2nd Arrondissement is a good place to stay, still close to all the sites in the 1st with a more local feel. The passages are truly something you must explore. I love the small covered corridors lined with second hand shops, toy stores, book sellers, and boutiques.

You asked, is 11th arrondissement a good place to stay? Fortunately, Paris Perfect has apartments in many of Paris‘ arrondissements and have recently added some in the 11th arrondissement. … It’s the perfect place to live like a local, but also easily accessible to the rest of Paris.

Is Canal St Martin safe?

“The main attractions” being roughly along the Seine river, the canal is off the beaten touristy track. But it is now a popular bobo week end outing for the locals. And again, it is safe.

Where is the best place to live in Paris?

  1. Belleville-Menilmontant.
  2. Oberkampf.
  3. Canal Saint-Martin.
  4. Haut Marais.
  5. Montorgueil.
  6. Batignolles. Architectural Landmark.
  7. Bastille. Architectural Landmark.
  8. Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Architectural Landmark.

Where should you avoid in Paris?

  1. Gare du Nord / Gare de l’Est area in the evening (located in the 10th arrondissement)
  2. Châtelet les Halles in the evening (located in the first arrondissement)
  3. Northern 19th arrondissement in the evening.
  4. Porte de Montreuil after dark (in the 20th arrondissement)

What arrondissement is Saint Germain?

Located in the 6th arrondissement (district) of Paris, surrounding the metro station and the Church with the same name, the Saint-Germain-des-Pres area is still considered as the epicenter of Parisian intellectual and cultural life.

What is the coolest neighborhood in Paris?

  1. Le Marais. Le Marais is the ultimate trendy neighborhood for Parisians in the know.
  2. Saint-Germain-des-Près.
  3. Montmartre.
  4. Canal Saint-Martin.
  5. The Latin Quarter.
  6. South Pigalle.
  7. Belleville.
  8. Batignolles.

What are the arrondissements known for?

These urban administrative districts each have a distinct character. Nonetheless, in each of them you find those iconic Parisian elements — shops, history, food, and the quartiers (neighborhoods) where Parisians live. It’s for good reason that the Paris arrondissements are referred to as the “twenty little cities”.

Where should I live in Paris suburbs?

  1. Saint Germain-en-Laye.
  2. Saint Cloud.
  3. Issy-les-Moulineaux.
  4. Sèvres.

What is the richest arrondissement in Paris?

The 7th arrondissement, the city’s wealthiest, has an average household income more than three times that of the 19th, the city’s poorest.

Where do most students live in Paris?

Le Quartier Latin. The Quartier Latin extends over the 5th and 6th arrondissement. It is a district very popular with students because many schools and universities are located there (eg : La Sorbonne) and its many bars.

Is the 12th arrondissement a good place to stay?

Pros of staying in the 12th arrondissement Off the normal tourist routes, but still a vibrant and very Parisian neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants. The best district to stay in Paris for those with morning trains from the Gare de Lyon.

Is the 7th arrondissement safe?

Overflowing with charm and boasting an ideal central location, the 7th arrondissement is one of Paris’s most desirable neighborhoods. … Parisians and experienced visitors alike will tell you that the 7th is one of the safest and most prestigious areas in Paris—a true delight to explore and discover.

Is the 10th arrondissement a good place to stay?

The Best Places to Stay in the 10th Arrondissement. For not being in the touristic epicenter of things, the 10th boasts a surprising number of highly-rated hotels we like. Since the quartier is well served by Metro lines, we think it’s a good place to make home for a week or so.

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