Frequent question: Is dubai supermarket?


Catering to the large cosmopolitan population in the emirate, there are plenty of supermarkets in Dubai to make that grocery run. Most of the malls in Dubai feature a large hypermarket so shoppers can stock up on essentials and residential communities will often have dedicated groceries and stores too.

You asked, are supermarkets expensive in Dubai? The expenses one can incur for daily activities and basic needs in Dubai may be higher than other cities. But because of these budget-friendly supermarkets, grocery shopping shouldn’t be too expensive.

Similarly, what supermarkets are there in Dubai? There are plenty of well-stocked supermarkets in Dubai, offering a huge range of products from the West and elsewhere. The most popular choices amongst expats and tourists include Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithram, LuLu, Geant, Waitrose, and Hyper Panda.

Additionally, what are supermarkets like in Dubai?

  1. Union Coop. One of the longest standing and most charitable supermarkets in the UAE, is the neighbourhood Union Coop.
  2. Shaklan.
  3. Carrefour.
  4. Baqer Mohebi.
  5. Organic Foods and Cafe (cheapest organic)
  6. Lulu Hypermarket.
  7. Emirates Cooperative Society.
  8. Viva.

Beside above, what supermarkets are in UAE?

  1. Abela Supermarket.
  2. Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society.
  3. Al Ain Cooperative Society.
  4. Al Madina.
  5. Al Maya Lal’s Supermarket / AlMaya, open 24 hours?
  6. Al Mushrif Cooperative Society.
  7. Aswaaq.

How many supermarkets are there in UAE?

In 2018, supermarkets and hypermarkets had the largest number of retail chained outlets in the foodservice sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 474 outlets, followed by service station forecourts at 266 outlets. In comparison, there were 461 supermarkets and hypermarkets in 2015.

Why are groceries so expensive in Dubai?

Yes, after launching the VAT on restaurants and food charges will be expensive in Dubai because of Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has announced 5% VAT in Restaurant . UAE citizens are paying the higher tax at the restaurants.

Is there an Aldi in Dubai?

Desertcart ships the Aldi products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman and more cities in UAE.

How much is food shopping in Dubai?

For groceries, the monthly bill can be as high as AED 2,000 per month for a family of four. However, shopping at premium retailers can bring up the monthly cost for groceries in Dubai to AED 3,000 – AED 4,000.

How can I save money on groceries in Dubai?

An easy way to save money on food is to buy your groceries in bulk from supermarkets like Carrefour, Lulu, Geant, or Grand Hyper rather than the expensive small minimarts that, while convenient, often have high markups. There are also plenty of options to buy in bulk online nowadays.

What is a hypermarket store?

What Is a Hypermarket? A hypermarket is a retail store that combines a department store and a grocery supermarket. Often a very large establishment, hypermarkets offer a wide variety of products such as appliances, clothing, and groceries.

Which is cheaper Lulu or Carrefour?

Prices of Basic Grocery Items Both Lulu and Carrefour offer basic grocery items at a fairly similar rate. For instance, 500 ml of fresh milk is available for as low as AED 2.9 at Carrefour, whereas you can buy the same quantity of milk from Lulu within AED 3.25.

Is Carrefour expensive in Dubai?

Carrefour is the cheapest store for some basic household grocery staples and Al Maya the most expensive, a new survey of six supermarkets by has found.

Is Waitrose expensive in Dubai?

To be specific, a Spinneys bill for a household grocery shopping trip will be about 8% higher than the Dubai average of all supermarkets for roughly the same shopping trolley of goods, while Waitrose is an eye watering 22% higher.

Is Spinneys and Waitrose the same?

Spinneys Dubai LLC (Spinneys), a subsidiary of Albwardy Investments, will now license the Waitrose brand from John Lewis Partnership using the Waitrose fascia, a move the UAE-based company has described as “bold, but nonetheless plausible.”

Which is the biggest supermarket chain in UAE?

Carrefour is one of the biggest hypermarket chains not only in the UAE, but across the Middle East region.

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