How do i contact the new york post?


How can I contact the New York Post Customer Service Department? Email or call 1-800-552-7678.

Moreover, how do I submit an opinion to the New York Post?

  1. News Tips: Email, call 212-930-8288, or use our anonymous form.
  2. Online Editorial: or 646-357-3838.
  3. Letters to the Editor:
  4. Sports: or 212-930-8700.

Correspondingly, how do I complain to the New York Post? For issues regarding print subscriptions, please contact a Customer Service representative by calling 1-800-552-7678 or emailing

Furthermore, how do I contact a journalist at The Times? To report errors regarding our coverage email us at or leave a message at 844-NYTNEWS (844-698-6397).

Additionally, does NY Post pay for stories? Publish your Story, Video or Pictures If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll get your story published in your chosen publications, like the New York Post, Mail Online, or multiple publications, for the highest fee possible. You can track all of your payments through our payment tracking service.

  1. For readers of The New York Times:
  2. For readers of The International New York Times:

How do I submit an article for publication?

  1. Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Before you can see your byline in a magazine publication or website, you’ll need to come up with a great article idea.
  2. Research and write.
  3. Edit your article.
  4. Determine which publications to submit to.
  5. Submit your article.

Who owns the New York Post?

In 1976, Rupert Murdoch bought the Post for US$30.5 million. Since 1993, the Post has been owned by Murdoch’s News Corp. Its distribution ranked 4th in the US in 2019.

Is the New York Post free?

Join us today for a 30-day free trial* of your NY Post app subscription. We’ve rebuilt the New York Post app for tablets from scratch to ensure the best performance possible. … Our new app features two unique experiences: PRINT EDITION: An exact replica of the newspaper, published once a day.

How do I submit a press release to the New York Times?

  1. Media Requests.
  2. Business. Editorial.
  3. Advertising. The New York Times Media Kit. Advertising media kit and sales information.
  4. Content Licensing and Permissions. NYTLicensing. License Times journalism for your content strategy.
  5. Customer Service. Customer Care.

How do I send a press release to the New York Times?

Still, if you believe that your announcement meets the newsworthiness standards of the New York Times, you can reach them at

How do I email the Sunday Times?

Letters to: The Sunday Times, 1 Pennington Street, London E98 1ST or via e-mail: Fax 020-7782-5454.

How do I cancel New York Post?

  1. Post Sports+
  2. Mobile Apps.
  3. Tips.

Has the New York Post ever won a Pulitzer Prize?

They won their first prize in 1918 for complete and accurate coverage of World War I, and their most recent in 2018. In 21 of the 22 categories, the winners receive a $15,000 cash award and a certificate. The New York Times has been awarded 133 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper.

Why is it called Page Six?

The magazine was named after the area of memory in 8-bit Atari computers covering locations 1536–1791 (or $600–$6FF, where the “$” prefix indicates hexadecimal notation).

How do I submit an article to The New York Times?

To reach the Times editorial board, e-mail To reach Op-Docs, e-mail To contact The Times about a factual error in an Opinion article or editorial, e-mail

Can you submit an article to The New York Times?

The New York Times accepts opinion articles on any topic. The suggested length is 650 words, but submissions of any length will be considered. We read all submissions promptly and will contact you within 10 business days if we are going to run your piece. We regret that we cannot phone rejections.

How do I share an article in The New York Times?

Subscribers can share up to 10 different gift articles each month using the gift article feature. Subscribers will see a Gift button at the bottom of articles on and in the news app (iOS and Android). When a gift article is shared, recipients can read it regardless of whether or not they are subscribers.

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