How long to drive from sydney to tamworth?


Never went inside, but very nice to walk around the outer walls. SUPERB Gardens and views of the Town too.

Correspondingly, what are the attractions of moving from Sydney to Tamworth? Traverse the New England and Oxley highways from Sydney CBD to the city of Tamworth, while exploring the sights and attractions of Wollombi, Pokolbin, Willow Tree and Gunnedah along the way.

Also know, can you catch a train from Sydney to Tamworth? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Central Station station and arriving at Tamworth Station station. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 6h 7m. … Sydney to Tamworth train services, operated by NSW TrainLink, depart from Central Station.

Frequent question, how many km is Tamworth from Sydney? Distance between Sydney and Tamworth is 309 KM / 192.2 miles.

Additionally, what is Tamworth famous for? Historically it is most famous for its stunning Castle & Moat House, but nowadays visitors are also drawn to Tamworth because of the huge Snowdome.

Is Tamworth a nice place?

Tamworth offers a very attractive retirement destination because it has several desirable neighbourhoods and many transport links. Amenities are top-notch and there are plenty of green spaces for healthy activities. Being a well-off European town, Tamworth also has a good healthcare system.

What is the closest beach to Tamworth NSW?

  1. Saltwater 185.05km.
  2. Diamond 185.13km. Diamond Beach, NSW.
  3. Saltwater 185.27km.
  4. Old Bar 185.28km. Old Bar, NSW.
  5. Manning Point 186.28km. Manning Point, NSW.
  6. Diamond South 186.31km. Diamond Beach, NSW.
  7. Shelly 186.75km. Red Head, NSW.
  8. Black Head 187.12km. Red Head, NSW.

What’s the closest town to Tamworth?

  1. Manilla, Australia.
  2. Gunnedah, Australia.
  3. Armidale, Australia.
  4. Scone, Australia.
  5. Muswellbrook, Australia.
  6. Narrabri, Australia.
  7. Elands, Australia.
  8. Wherrol Flat, Australia.

Can I travel to Tamworth from Sydney?

You can travel anywhere in NSW and there are no restrictions on travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW.

Who flies into Tamworth?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Tamworth? Sunstate, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Emirates, Eastern Australia Airlines, Link Airways and China Eastern all fly direct to Tamworth.

Does Tamworth have a train station?

Tamworth is a split-level station with platforms 1 and 2 on the low level (West Coast Main Line) and platforms 3 and 4 on the high level (Cross Country Route). The ticket hall with counter, machines and a café leads to platform 1. Platforms 3 and 4 are accessed via steps or a lift.

Can Victorians enter NSW?

You may enter NSW. You do not need to complete a traveller declaration form. You do not need to self-isolate.

Are trains running from Wagga to Sydney?

XPT operates train services from Wagga Wagga to Sydney. … The fastest trip from Wagga Wagga to Sydney by train takes 7.

How safe is Tamworth?

Tamworth is the most dangerous major town in Staffordshire, and is the 27th most dangerous overall out of Staffordshire’s 201 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Tamworth in 2020 was 31 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Tamworth in the Black Country?

Those areas are Greater Birmingham & Solihull – of which Tamworth is a member – Black Country and Coventry & Warwickshire.

Was Tamworth the capital of Mercia?

Tamworth has a rich and fascinating history as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Mercia and some of that heritage can still be seen and explored to this day. The Anglo-Saxons came into Staffordshire in the late 6th century, as groups of settlers or tribes.

Is Tamworth a poor area?

Around one in ten Tamworth households are living in fuel poverty, similar to the national average. A higher proportion of households in Tamworth live in socially rented houses compared to the national average.

Is Barton under Needwood a good place to live?

Burton and Stafford have been ranked among the best places to live in Staffordshire. … Burton ranked highly across the board, coming 351 out of 1,372 towns and villages overall. But picturesque village Barton-under-Needwood was at the other end of the spectrum, ranking 1,128 on the list.

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