How many high schools in toronto?


There are approximately 920 secondary schools (high schools) in Ontario. Secondary education includes grades 9 to 12.

Amazingly, what are high schools in Toronto?

  1. Ursula Franklin Academy.
  2. Leaside High School.
  3. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.
  4. St. -Frère-André Catholic Secondary School.
  5. North Toronto Collegiate Institute.
  6. St. Michael’s Choir School.
  7. William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute.
  8. Father John Redmond Catholic School.

Considering this, how many TDSB schools are there in Toronto? The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is the largest and one of the most diverse school boards in Canada. We serve approximately 247,000 students in 583 schools throughout Toronto, and more than 130,000 life-long learners in our Adult and Continuing Education programs.

Correspondingly, how many schools are in the Toronto District? The Toronto District School Board is the largest school Board in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. It has nearly 600 schools and serve more than 250,000 students each year.

Subsequently, how many students are in Toronto? The TDSB serves approximately 246,000 students in 583 schools throughout Toronto, and more than 140,000 life-long learners in its Adult and Continuing Education programs. The Toronto Catholic District School Board provides publicly-funded Catholic education to more than 91,000 students in its 195 schools.

How many private schools are there in Toronto?

Find over 80 Toronto schools listed below. Looking for a private school in Toronto?

What is the largest high school in Ontario?

Earl Haig Secondary School (EHSS), formerly Earl Haig Collegiate Institute is a public high school with a student body of 2,048 students in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How many Catholic high schools are there in Toronto?

The Toronto Catholic District School Board governs 197 schools in the Toronto area that makes up 164 elementary schools, 28 secondary schools, 3 schools that combine both elementary and secondary grades, and 2 alternative schools.

How many elementary schools are in GTA?

The TDSB manages 451 elementary schools.

How many secondary schools are there in Mississauga?

Peel has more than 250 elementary and secondary schools.

How many teachers are there in Toronto?

TDSB has approximately 31,910 permanent and 10,500 temporary staff, which includes 11,360 elementary school teachers and 5,000 at the secondary level.

What is the largest school district in Ontario?

Dufferin-Peel is one of the largest and fastest growing school boards in Ontario. The Toronto District School Board serves almost 1.4 million electors of the City of Toronto. We are the largest school Board in Canada and among the largest in North America.

How many students are in Ontario?

In the academic year 2019/20, about 2.06 million students were enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools in Ontario. At this time, there were a total of around 4.98 million students enrolled in public elementary or secondary schools in Canada, a slight increase from previous years.

How many years is high school in Toronto?

Most provinces offer a high school for four years, from grades 9 to 12, although some start in grade 10. Students typically graduate the year they turn 18. Quebec considers secondary school as grades 7 to 11.

How many schools are in GTA?

Schools and School Boards School boards are divided as follows: 31 English Public. 29 English Catholic. 4 French Public.

How many people work at UOFT?

The University of Toronto employs more than 20,000 appointed and casual faculty and staff across its three campuses in the Greater Toronto Area.

What is the best private high school in Toronto?

  1. Hudson College.
  2. Branksome Hall.
  3. Upper Canada College.
  4. The Bishop Strachan School.
  5. Junior Academy.
  6. City Academy.
  7. Beacon School.
  8. The Dunblaine School.

How many private schools are in Ontario?

Ontario has almost 1300 private schools and thousands of students attend them.

Where is the biggest school in the world?

City Montessori School (CMS) is the world’s largest school, with over 56,000 students and 4,500 staff across 17 campuses in the city of Lucknow.

Is there a grade 13 in Canada?

The Ontario education system had five years of secondary education, the fifth year known as “grade 13” from 1921 to 1988. Then, grade 13 was replaced in 1993 by the OAC for students starting high school (grade 9). The OAC continued to act as a fifth year of secondary education until it was phased out in 2003.

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