How to get blue bin toronto?


A service request for an additional garbage or recycling bin can be submitted online at:, or call 311. City issued garbage, recycling and organic bins remain the property of the City of Toronto and should not be taken to any other property.

Furthermore, how do I get a new Blue bin in Toronto? A service request for repair of a damaged garbage or recycling bin can be submitted online at:, or call 311.

As many you asked, are recycling bins free in Toronto? They pay for unlimited collection and processing of recycling, yard waste, organics, oversized and metal items and electronics. … They also fund city-wide litter collection, Community Environment Days, street and parks bin collection, drop-off-depots, perpetual care of closed landfills and more.

Likewise, can you get a free recycle bin? You can get recycling bins for free. … Keeping recyclables out of landfills is easy when you have sturdy recycling bins for use at home. Many Americans are able to get free recycling bins by contacting the government agency that handles their local trash and recycling services.

Beside above, what is the difference between green bin and Blue bin? The Green-coloured dustbins are meant for wet and bioderadable wastes. For eg: kitchen wastes including vegetables and fruits skins. 2. Blue dustbins are meant for disposal of plastic wrappers and non-bioderadable wastes.Contact 311 to submit a service request for a damaged or missing green bin. Your request will be completed within 14 business days. Daytime Collection: The bin repair will take place on the next business day following collection day.

What is blue box program?

The blue box recycling system (BBRS) was initially a waste management system used by Canadian municipalities to collect source separated household waste materials for the purpose of recycling. … The blue box system and variations of it remain in place in hundreds of cities around the world.

What size of bin do I need?

Generally speaking, a small household of one or two people will only need a bin of 35 litres. An average household of two to four people should be between 35 and 100 litres, while a large household of more than four people may need a bin in excess of 100 litres.

Where can I get garbage tags in Toronto?

Yellow garbage tags are currently available at Canadian Tire Stores and Shoppers Drug Mart stores across the City of Toronto or online. For the most current Garbage Bin Sizes & Fees, please visit the City of Toronto website. Residents may also bring their garbage to a Drop-Off Depot and pay a fee for disposal.

What can be recycled Toronto?

  1. Five Items That Always Go in Recycling.
  2. Glass. Bottles, jars (lids on)
  3. Rigid Plastics. Food jars, tubs (lids on)
  4. Soft, Stretchy Plastics. Grocery/retail shopping bags.
  5. Metal. Aluminum/steel food & beverage cans.
  6. Paper*
  7. Paper Containers.
  8. Cardboard.

What can I throw in the blue recycle bin?

A lot of things can be recycled in the blue bin. Most paper products, including newspaper, office paper, cardboard, food boxes (including clean frozen food boxes), magazines, and advertisements. Paper products must be free of food waste, pet waste, oil or excessive dirt. Cartons can now be included in your blue bin!

What can I put in my blue recycling bin?

  1. Tins, cans and aerosols. food tins and drinks cans.
  2. Foil. clean kitchen foil and foil ready meal containers.
  3. Paper and card. • cardboard boxes.
  4. Glass bottles and jars. • glass drinks bottles (clear and coloured)
  5. Plastic bottles.
  6. Plastic tubs and trays.

What can go in a blue bin?

  1. Cardboard.
  2. Paper (including newspapers, magazines, junk mail)
  3. Phone books and directories.
  4. Plastic bottles e.g. drinks, toiletries, cleaning products.
  5. Food tins, drink cans, metal sweet and biscuit tins.
  6. Empty aerosols e.g. deodorants, hair sprays, polish.

What for is blue dust bin used?

Blue dustbin: It is used for disposal of non-biodegradable waste. Green bins contain the waste that is biodegradable, or compostable material that can be converted to manure to divert waste from landfills. – Material that can be put in a green bin: Fruits, vegetables, flowers and papers etc.

What are the three types of bins?

There are three main types of business bins in terms of form factor. You have Wheelie Bins, Front End Loaders, and Roll-On-Roll-Off Skips.

What do you do with old green bins in Toronto?

Welcome to the three one one Toronto website You can reuse your old plastic garbage cans or recycling box as a storage container or for new uses such as setting out yard waste for collection. Yard waste is collected at curbside from March to December on the days indicated in your collection calendar.

Do diapers go in green bin in Toronto?

Yes, Toronto allows diapers in the green bin. … When they moved garbage from weekly to bi-weekly garbage pick up (alternating with recycling), there was some resistance, particularly from parents having to keep soiled diapers for two weeks.

Do diapers go in the garbage?

Disposable diapers were not designed for recycling. They contain many different materials (paper, plastic, absorbent material) and are contaminated with human waste. … Disposable diapers are garbage.

Where do blue bins go?

BLUE BIN RECYCLING These items are taken to a recycling facility where they are sorted by material, then sold to manufacturers to make new products.

What is the blue box program Ontario?

Blue Box Regulation. The Government of Ontario has finalized the Blue Box Regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016, requiring producers to operate and pay for the collection and reuse, refurbishment and recycling of blue box materials.

Where was the blue bin invented?

Not everyone knows that Ontario is the birthplace of the Blue Box. The world’s first curbside recycling program made its official debut in Kitchener in 1981.

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