How to use velib in paris?


  1. Click 1 to buy a ticket.
  2. Create a 4-digit pin.
  3. You will be asked to accept a 150€ deposit in case the bike is not returned.
  4. Insert your credit/debit card. Your card must have a chip and pin in order to work.
  5. Collect printed receipt.

Correspondingly, how do I use Vélib code?

  1. Press the ✔ key.
  2. Scan your card (Vélib’ or Navigo).
  3. Enter your access code (8 digits) and validate by pressing ✔.
  4. Enter your secret code (4 digits) and validate by pressing ✔.
  5. Scan your card again: the GO symbol appears.

In this regard, what does Vélib mean in French? The name Vélib’ is a portmanteau of the French words vélo (“bicycle”) and liberté (“freedom”). … Vélib’ was operated originally as a concession by the French advertising corporation JCDecaux.

Similarly, how does the Vélib deposit work? Vélib’: The app Please note that for short-term subscriptions, Vélib’ does take a €150 security deposit, in case you don’t return the bike. The hold is lifted from your account the next day. In the case of long-term subscriptions, the security deposit increases to €300.

As many you asked, is Vélib free with Navigo? All three work with a physical card that will be sent to you (or added to your Navigo card): “V-Libre” is a pay-as-you-go account for occasional users. It costs nothing to subscribe, but charges you €1 per 30 minutes for the green bikes and €3 per 45 minutes for the blue bikes.The Vélib’ Métropole service makes available 20,000 bicycles–mechanical (green bikes) or electric (green bikes). Launched in 2018, electric bikes make getting around easier. They are used for more than half the kilometers travelled on Vélib’.

How do I unsubscribe from Vélib?

A cancellation request for legitimate reasons shall be sent by simple mail to: Service Clients Velib’ Métropole – TSA 71111 – 92 667 Asnières-Sur-Seine Cedex or by email to with the supporting documents corresponding to the event in question.

How do I hire a bike in Paris?

Rent a Vélib’ The Vélib’ Métropole bicycle service, introduced by the City of Paris, provides self-service mechanical (green) and electric (blue) bikes for the public to hire. Everyone will find a hire option to suit them from among the various passes (from 1 to 7 days) or subscriptions.

Which French city has an excellent bike sharing program?

Paris’s Vélib’ is the star of the bike share world. Launched Bastille Day weekend in 2007, it was the most ambitious program of its kind at the time and still remains the world’s largest outside of China.

Which French city is the originator of bike sharing?

The first French form of bike sharing system appeared in La Rochelle in the 1970s: 350 free “yellow” bicycles were made available for free in the streets of the city.

Can I use Vélib without card?

Step 1: Subscribe. For short visits to the city, you can either purchase a one-day pass for 1.70€, or a seven-day pass for 8€. This is the best option for those without a microchipped credit or debit card. For more information on long-term subscription options, or to purchase a pass, click here.

How do I activate my navigo?

Activate the pass at your station Activation of passes purchased online on the Navigo pass is compulsory before any use, and is only done at the Transilien SNCF station. You can activate your pass on an Transilien SNCF ticket machine, a Transilien SNCF validation terminal or at an Transilien SNCF ticket office.

Is it safe to bike in Paris?

The most important thing is to ride safely! Exploring Paris by bike can be very enjoyable – but do make sure you follow basic safety rules and, of course, the highway code. The same rules apply to all road users, and cyclists can be fined, just like car drivers, for failing to comply.

Does Paris have bike share?

The original Paris bike-sharing program has some 15,000 green (mechanical) and blue (electric) bikes at more than 1,200 stations in all 22 arrondissements. … (Mobike now operates in more than 200 cities around the world, so you may already be using its bicycles.

Can you rent electric bikes in Paris?

So many of the tour customers have asked us if they could also rent a bike to explore Paris on their own and now, finally, the answer is : YES, YOU CAN ! … The comfortable Dutch city bikes or electric bikes will assure you a pleasant ride. You can even rent electric cargobikes and/or child bikes!

What is the second largest city in France?

Marseille is the second-largest city in France, covering an area of 241 km2 (93 sq mi); it had a population of 870,018 in 2016.

Is Velo a bike?

Velo or Vélo may refer to: A bicycle, a two-wheeled, single-track vehicle.

How do I recharge my navigo?

The Navigo travel card can also be used to load the Navigo Solidarité travel pass (monthly or weekly) as well as the the Navigo Gratuité and Améthyste travel passes. Travel cards can be recharged at our automatic vending machines and at our ticket desks (metro, RER and tramway stations, and at authorised retailers).

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