Is dundas west toronto?


Name controversy The city’s final report, published in June 2021, supported renaming the street, concluding that Dundas “played an instrumental role in delaying the abolition of the slave trade” and that this conflicts with “the values of equity and inclusion” of the city.

Subsequently, how long is Dundas St in Toronto? Dundas Street is one of Toronto’s most fascinating roadways. While it runs uninterrupted for 23 kilometres between the Mississauga border at Etobicoke Creek and Kingston Road towards Scarborough, it meanders, crossing Bloor Street twice. Even in the downtown area, it makes subtle jogs near major intersections.

Beside above, what is the meaning of Dundas? Scottish and northern Irish (Counties Leitrim and Fermanagh): habitational name from Dundas, a place near Edinburgh, Scotland, which is named from Gaelic dùn ‘hill’ (compare Down 1) + deas ‘south’.

People ask also, how many Dundas streets are in Ontario? But renaming a major thoroughfare that runs through the heart of Canada’s largest city is no small undertaking. There are more than 730 street signs bearing the name of Dundas along the route’s 23 kilometres through Toronto.

Likewise, is Dundas considered part of Hamilton? In the year 2000, the town of Dundas amalgamated with the city of Hamilton. It’s no longer considered to be its own town, but a community of Hamilton. Most of the residents (my family included) fought against amalgamation.

Who was Dundas Toronto?

The street was named after Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, a Scottish politician who was associated with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In July, Toronto City Council voted 17-7 in favour of a motion to rename the street, along with subway stations, a library, Yonge-Dundas Square, and a number of parks.

What’s the longest street in Toronto?

Yonge Street is 1896 km (1178 miles) from the Lake Shore in Toronto to Rainy River at the Ontario/Minnesota border.

Is Dundas a highway?

King’s Highway 5, commonly referred to as Highway 5 and historically as the Dundas Highway, is a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Where is Fort Dundas Ontario?

Fort Dundas was a short-lived British settlement on Melville Island between 1824 and 1828 in what is now the Northern Territory of Australia. It was the first of four British settlement attempts in northern Australia before Goyder’s survey and establishment of Palmerston, now known as Darwin.

How common is the name Dundas?

In the United States, the name Dundas is the 15,530th most popular surname with an estimated 2,487 people with that name.

Why do they want to rename Dundas?

This past summer, 228 years after the fact, Toronto city council voted to rename Dundas Street, citing its namesake’s role in delaying the abolition of the slave trade in the British empire by 15 years.

What is Bloor Street named after?

The street was then given its current name in honour of Joseph Bloor, a local brewer and land speculator who founded the Village of Yorkville in 1830 on the north side of this street and who was one of the street’s original residents.

How long is Dundas Street in London Ontario?

Dundas Street is a very long (albeit broken) historic route running from London to Toronto. The portion within London runs for 11.3 kilometres (7.0 mi) as a main east–west road through central and eastern London.

What is considered West Hamilton?

As a Hamiltonian, I’m often surprised when Barton and Sanford is “north end”, City staff use “north end” to describe the industrial sector between Sherman and Woodward, apartment buildings along Queenston Road in Stoney Creek are “east end”, the stadium is “east end”, Westdale is called Hamilton’s “west end”, Parkdale …

What region of Ontario is Toronto in?

The Greater Toronto Area is a part of several larger areas in Southern Ontario. The area is also combined with the city of Hamilton to form a conurbation known as the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Who is Andrew Lochhead?

Andrew Lochhead is an artist, curator, arts administrator, and community arts facilitator whose work has critically engaged themes of people and places, history, music, memory, and cultural narrative.

What is Yonge Street named after?

Today, no section of Yonge Street is marked as a provincial highway. Ontario’s first colonial administrator, John Graves Simcoe, named the street for his friend Sir George Yonge, an expert on ancient Roman roads.

What is the steepest road in Canada?

Blue Mountain, Ontario Cyclists seeking the burn regularly head to Blue Mountain and its Scenic Caves Road, which, at a max-grade of 20 per cent, is the steepest paved road in the province.

What is the longest street name in Canada?

In Canada, the name Yonge is held in high esteem. It’s the name bestowed on the country’s longest street, which was partly built over the Carrying Place Trail, an important pathway for Indigenous peoples.

Where is the end of Yonge Street?

In fact, Yonge Street roars through Toronto and then straight through the Ontario wilderness right into the sub-Arctic, across the top of the Great Lakes. The street ends only when it smacks straight into the U.S. border at Rainy River, Minnesota.

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