Is waterloo sydney a good place to live?


Waterloo is a great inner-city location, with an up-and-coming lifestyle. Plenty of local shops, cafes and restaurants, and excellent public transport options, with Green Square Train Station and lots of buses to the CBD.

Also, is Waterloo safe Sydney? There’s still a few slightly dodgy social housing areas towards the Redfern end of Waterloo, however it’s become quite safe in general and the vibe remains somewhat friendly.

Furthermore, is Waterloo a safe area to live? Waterloo is a safe city to raise my kids and the schools are great, and lots of sport activities and events. There has never been a bad traffic moment in the city, other than say HWY 8 crowding for about 0.5 hours during rush time.

Amazingly, what is the best suburb to live in Sydney?

  1. Artarmon.
  2. Summer Hill.
  3. Concord.
  4. Waverton.
  5. Jannali.
  6. Dulwich Hill.
  7. Oatley.
  8. Hornsby. What we liked: good shopping & amenities, highly family-friendly, reasonable property prices, greenery & national park access, rail connectivity.

Best answer for this question, is Waterloo a bad area? Waterloo is in the 43rd percentile for safety, meaning 57% of cities are safer and 43% of cities are more dangerous. … The rate of crime in Waterloo is 29.58 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Waterloo generally consider the southwest part of the city to be the safest.Waterloo itself is ideal to get into Central London (walk to Trafalgar Sq in 25 minutes!). We have two world class theatres (of which Kevin Spacey is Artistic Director!) and some lovely restaurants. In addition, trains from Waterloo Station can take you all over Southern England! We also have a huge IMAX cinema.

Is Waterloo a good suburb of Sydney?

Waterloo is a great inner-city location, with an up-and-coming lifestyle. Plenty of local shops, cafes and restaurants, and excellent public transport options, with Green Square Train Station and lots of buses to the CBD.

Is downtown Waterloo safe?

The downtown cores in Waterloo region are safe when it comes to crime, Sadeler said.

Is Waterloo a city in Australia?

Waterloo is an inner-city suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. … Waterloo is surrounded by the suburbs of Redfern and Darlington to the north, Eveleigh and Alexandria to the west, Rosebery to the south, and Moore Park, Zetland, and Kensington to the east.

Where do the rich live in Sydney?

Found in Sydney’s exclusive eastern suburb enclave, Bellevue Hill is one of the city’s most expensive suburbs with a median house price of A$6.4 million. The suburbs boasts a mixture of ultra modern and period style architecture, with most homes taking up large blocks with pools, tennis courts and landscaped gardens.

Where should I move in Sydney?

  1. Pyrmont. Just a couple of kilometres from the CBD, Pyrmont is an entertainment hub for those who like to be near the heart of the action.
  2. Erskineville.
  3. Paddington.
  4. Bondi Junction.
  5. Manly.
  6. The North Shore.
  7. The Ryde Area.
  8. The Hills District.

Where do single people live in Sydney?

Sydney’s single ladies tend to live in places like Tamarama, Bronte, Bondi, and also the inner west: Birchgrove, Balmain, Rozelle and surrounds. Combined, the 10 Sydney suburbs with the highest number of single folk (people who have never been married, according to the latest ABS census data) are: Darlington.

What is the coldest suburb in Sydney?

An analysis of Bureau of Meteorology weather station data for minimum average temperatures of the areas around Sydney revealed that Camden was the coldest suburb, with an average minimum of 10.2 degrees.

Where do artists live in Sydney?

More than 450 royalty owners live in Newtown alone, 340 in Marrickville, and hundreds more in surrounding suburbs like Leichhardt, Erskineville, Tempe, Redfern and Glebe. Other clusters are in Tamworth, Byron Bay and the far north coast, as well as the Central Coast.

How many Neighbourhoods are there in Sydney?

Sydney has about 30 local government areas, each consisting of several suburbs Suburbs in Australia are purely geographical, not political, divisions.

What are the bad areas of Sydney?

  1. Blacktown.
  2. Doonside.
  3. Claymore.
  4. Fairfield.
  5. Merrylands.
  6. Shalvey.
  7. Bankstown.
  8. Liverpool.

What is the safest suburb in Sydney?

  1. Mount Vernon.
  2. Wheeler Heights.
  3. Northwood. Region: Lower North Shore.
  4. Port Hacking. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  5. Bonnet Bay. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  6. Westleigh. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  7. Davidson. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  8. Clontarf. Region: Northern Beaches.

Which suburb in Sydney has the highest crime rate?

  1. Blacktown: 4139. Blacktown is located West of Sydney has a reputation as one of the roughest areas.

Whats it like to live in Waterloo?

Housing is inexpensive, while salaries and wages are comparable to big cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, and the cost of living is competitive. Waterloo Region is home to premier universities and colleges and has the infrastructure to cater to a large and diverse student community.

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