Question: How far is the french river from toronto?


The quickest flight from Toronto Airport to Sudbury Airport is the direct flight which takes 57 min. Can I drive from Toronto to French River? Yes, the driving distance between Toronto to French River is 345 km. It takes approximately 4h 20m to drive from Toronto to French River.

Likewise, how do I get to French River Provincial Park from Toronto? The quickest way to get from Toronto to French River Provincial Park is to fly and drive which costs $200 – $480 and takes 4h 16m. How far is it from Toronto to French River Provincial Park? The distance between Toronto and French River Provincial Park is 277 km. The road distance is 331.9 km.

As many you asked, what is the best provincial park in Ontario?

  1. Algonquin Provincial Park.
  2. Quetico Provincial Park.
  3. Killarney Provincial Park.
  4. French River Provincial Park.
  5. Bass Lake Provincial Park.
  6. Petroglyphs Provincial Park.
  7. Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.
  8. Lake Superior Provincial Park.

You asked, is the French River cold? January. In January, French River is unbearably cold and somewhat snowy.

Moreover, what kind of fish are in the French River? Fishing the French The French River is home to a wide variety of species including Muskie, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and many more.

How deep is the French River in Ontario?

The River. between its head at Lake Nipissing and its mouth at Georgian Bay. The river is known for its unspoiled picturesque shoreline, many weedy bays, numerous rocky shoals, and its variable depth (it is more than more 36 m deep, or 120 feet, in some of the larger basins).

Does the French River freeze over?

Winter is also a great time for some ice fishing. As the lakes that dot the French River region begin to freeze over, they afford wonderful opportunities to catch some fish that are hiding below the ice. No matter what time of year that you fish, there are many opportunities to catch the fish of your dreams.

What is the biggest provincial park in Ontario?

1970 – Polar Bear, Ontario’s largest provincial park at 24,000 square kilometres, is created. 1978 – Ontario Provincial Parks: Planning and Management Policies are approved by Cabinet.

What are the best campgrounds in Ontario?

  1. Algonquin Provincial Park.
  2. Killbear Provincial Park.
  3. Killarney Provincial Park.
  4. Oastler Provincial Park.
  5. Bronte Creek Provincial Park.
  6. Pinery Provincial Park.
  7. Sandbanks Provincial Park.
  8. Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

What is the busiest provincial park in Ontario?

Algonquin Provincial Park Algonquin is particularly popular due to its proximity to large urban centers, such as Toronto and Ottawa. There are designated campgrounds along the highways with interior camping accessible by canoe or hiking.

What is the temperature of the French River?

Today’s French River sea temperature is 39 °F.

Are there lake trout in the French River?

FISHING. Trout Lake is known for its lake trout, pike, muskie, walleye (pickerel), large & small mouth bass and pan fish galore! Bait is stocked at the lodge at current prices.

Do salmon run in the French River?

However, these waters and fishery are also a home to the pinks, chinook, and coho as they migrate from Lake Huron to Georgian Bay and into the French River Delta to lay their eggs. The salmon make their journey into the system as early as July, but are very rarely seen before September through November.

Can you boat the French River?

The French River is Canada most famous river system in the Canadian Shield. … Each section of the French River is navigable by canoe or kayak. Boat traffic is retained within each section.

How long is the French River?

The French River, 290 km long (to head of Sturgeon River), rises from Lake Nipissing in northeastern Ontario and flows 110 km west towards Georgian Bay.

Where is the Upper French River?

Upper French River Paddle is a 12.1 mile loop trail located near French River Rivière Des Français, Ontario, Canada that features a river and is rated as moderate.

Who discovered the French River?

Dating back to before French explorers, most notably Samuel de Champlain and Etienne Brule, were credited for exploring and mapping the French River in the early 1600s, the Aboriginal settlers were the first to live off the land, fish these waters, hunt in this forest and paddle its passages.

Where are the dams on the French River?

Through PSPC, the Government of Canada owns and operates three dams on Lake Nipissing at the headwaters of the French River. The Portage Dam, Big Chaudière Dam, and Little Chaudière Dam play a critical water management role for the lake and the length of the French River.

Which rivers flow in France?

The most well known are the major rivers such as the Seine, the Rhone and the longest which is the Loire. To the east, the rivers are fed by the snows of the Alp mountains, while in the south, water comes from the Pyrenees.

Where is Lake Nipissing in Canada?

Lake Nipissing, lake, southeastern Ontario, Canada. Lake Nipissing lies midway between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay. It is 321 square miles (832 square km) in area and has a maximum length of 50 miles (80 km) and a maximum width of 30 miles (48 km).

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