Question: How to get dubai customs certificate?


To register with Dubai Customs, please go to and click Service Centre > Dubai Customs > Request Business Registration > New or click HERE.

Also the question is, how can I get NOC from Dubai customs?

  1. Client shall fill in the request form through Dubai Trade Portal (This link will open an external website in a new window)
  2. Client shall submit the required documents.
  3. New NOC issuance fees of AED 500 shall be collected.

Frequent question, what is Dubai Customs Declaration? Service Name. Submit Customs Declaration. Description. This service allows clients or passengers to declare and obtain clearance for the movement of goods in and out of the emirate of Dubai under the following regimes: 1.Import.

Also know, how much is custom clearance fee in Dubai? According to the website of Abu Dhabi, the rate of customs duty is five per cent of the value of goods plus Cost Freight Insurance. It is 50 per cent on alcohol and 100 per cent on cigarettes. Useful links: Unified Customs Tariff.

In this regard, how long does customs clearance take in Dubai? When the vessel arrives in at Dubai, our agent will arrange for it to be hauled to their Customs bonded warehouse for unloading. Customs clearance will take place there, which normally takes approximately 5-10 days.A NOC is the abbreviation of No Objection Certificate, also known as a No objection letter UAE. It’s a legal document that any agency, company, organization, or institution may issue, and even in certain cases, an individual may issue it too.

What are the requirements for NOC?

  1. Passport (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  2. Citizenship (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  3. Academic Transcripts of the last Academic Degree (Original and Notarized Photocopy)
  4. A valid Offer Letter or I-20 from the University/College.

How do I get a customs number?

To locate your entry processing unit number (EPU) or customs entry number you will need a copy of the customs Entry. The Entry processing unit (EPU) and the customs entry number are located in the top right hand corner.

How do I get a customs clearance certificate?

  1. Import Licence.
  2. Insurance Certificate.
  3. Purchase Order and Letter of Credit.
  4. Technical Write-up/Literature.
  5. Test Report.
  6. Industrial Licence.
  7. Registration cum Membership Certificate.

What documents are required for customs clearance in Dubai?

  1. Bill of Entry.
  2. Original Waybill.
  3. Original Commercial Invoice.
  4. Original or copy of the Certificate of Origin approved by Chamber of Commerce at country of origin.
  5. Packing List (detailed)
  6. Form of exemption from customs duties in case exemption requirements are fulfilled.

What documents are required for customs clearance?

  1. Commercial Invoice. It is the most important document when it comes to a business transaction.
  2. Bill of Entry.
  3. Import License.
  4. Bill of Lading or Airway Bill.
  5. Purchase Order/Letter of Credit.
  6. Industrial License.
  7. GATT and DGFT Declaration.
  8. Technical Write-Ups.

How much do u pay for customs?

Over and above the duty-free allowance, you may choose to pay customs duty at a flat-rate of 20% on goods which you acquired abroad or in any duty-free shop. The total value of these additional goods, new or used, may not exceed R20 000 per person or R2000 for crew members.

How do I pay customs fees?

  1. U.S. currency only.
  2. Personal check in the exact amount, drawn on a U.S. bank, made payable to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  3. Government check, money order or traveler’s check if the amount does not exceed the duty owed by more than $50.

How can I get custom clearance in UAE?

  1. Log in using the UAE PASS.
  2. Specify the purpose of the Declaration.
  3. Fill up the Customs declaration form.
  4. Attach the required documents.
  5. Submit the request.
  6. Pay the fees after getting the approvals.
  7. Print the Customs Bill.

How can I check my customs duty online?

You can go to, find the Quick Search CET Tariff panel on the left and find the tariff that interests you. You can search the custom duty tariff database by CET code (if you know it) or by a keyword.

Where can I get NOC certificate?

  1. The owner of the vehicle will need to visit the local RTO in person to submit the application for the NOC.
  2. The completed CMV 28 form needs to be submitted along with various important documents.
  3. You are required to make a payment of Rs.

How can I download my NOC?

All you need to do is visit the Bajaj customer portal, view your loan details, select Bajaj Finserv loan NOC and download the document. You can also forward the document to your email ID.

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