Question: How to trigger evacuation hitman paris?


  1. Obtain the rat poison.
  2. Use the phone to start the evacuation.
  3. The safe room is on floor 2 of the building.
  4. You can drop the chandelier on Viktor and Dalia.
  5. Plant the explosive, move away to a safe distance and detonate the charge.

Frequent question, how do you do the hitman mission in Paris?

Quick Answer, how do I push Dalia Margolis to Viktor Novikov? This is done during the Paris mission, The Showstopper. In order to complete it, players must push Dalia Margolis off the third floor balcony, causing her to land on Viktor Novikov, killing them both. Unlike some of the other Challenges in Hitman, this one seems to have no problems saving.

Subsequently, how do you do a quick break on hitman?

You asked, what is a code 17 hitman? Pacify Novikov’s personal bodyguard (who follows him around), and he should drop a phone. Pick up the phone, and call in the “Code 17” evacuation. Novikov and Margolis will be escorted to the south-westernmost room on the second floor.

Who is Helmut Kruger?

Helmut Kruger is a renowned model working for Sanguine. Judging by dialogue in Situs Inversus, he has been modelling since the 2000s.

How many NPCs are in Paris hitman?

The game has some bugs, but 300 NPCs that mill around, react to you, and can all be taken out is a fairly impressive technical feat, and outside of levitating ice cream cones and some weirdly broken AI routines when you unleash pure chaos, I came away pleased overall with how well it handled the anarchy, especially on …

How do you get upstairs hitman in Paris?

  1. Requirement: Without doubt the most useful Discovery in the game, An Invitation Upstairs requires you to find an IAGO invitation.
  2. Method: From the central lobby at the start of the level, veer to the right of the grand staircase and exit via the open door at the back of the room.

How do you beat the first hitman mission?

How do I call Margolis hitman?

His phone will be left at the exact spot where you took him out so if you drag away his body, the phone will remain on the ground until picked up. You can interact with the phone while it is equipped from your inventory in order to place a call to Dalia Margolis.

Where can I find Helmut Kruger?

Becoming Kruger Your first instruction will be to find out more about Helmut Kruger, and then disguise yourself as him, meaning you first also have to locate him. Kruger can be found outdoors on the back of the palace, standing near the helicopter, getting his pictures taken by a female photographer.

How do you drown Margolis?

After reaching the third floor, look for Dalia and have a conversation with her. Afterwards, head towards her private chambers (point M3,13 on the map). Place cyanide in the glass of champagne. After reaching Dalia’s private chambers, collect the Lethal Poison lying on the table.

How do you get Sheikh disguise in hitman?

How do you complete hitman playing with fire?

Where is the Sheikh hitman Paris?

HITMAN™ The Showstopper – Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali can initially be found in a private room on the first floor; after a short while, he will head upstairs to the IAGO auction.

Where is poison hitman in Paris?

  1. Two in the Kitchen.
  2. One in the room east of Attic Storage.
  3. One in CICADA Security Control.
  4. One in a truck in the Fashion Show Unloading Area.
  5. One in the shed in the Catering Delivery Area.

Where is the fire alarm in Paris hitman?

The Showstopper On level 1 there is a fire alarm outside the south entrance to the kitchen, which is the room to the west of the large north room (bar area). There is also a fire alarm located outside the north eastern toilets, as well as one in the very most south eastern room, along the south wall.

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