Quick answer: How big is sydney compared to ireland?


Republic of Ireland is 0.09 times as big as New South Wales (Australia)

As many you asked, is NSW bigger than Ireland? New South Wales (Australia) is 11 times larger than Ireland. New South Wales (Australia) is 11 times larger than Ireland.

Also the question is, how many Irelands would fit in Australia? Australia is about 110 times bigger than Ireland.

People ask also, what state is similar in size to Ireland? Ireland is around the same size as Maine. Maine is approximately 79,931 sq km, while Ireland is approximately 70,273 sq km, making Ireland 87.92% the size of Maine. Meanwhile, the population of Maine is ~1.3 million people (3.8 million more people live in Ireland).

Frequent question, is Tasmania or Ireland bigger? Ireland is 2.7% larger than Tasmania (Australia).

What is size of Australia compared to Ireland?

Ireland is about 110 times smaller than Australia. Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while Ireland is approximately 70,273 sq km, making Ireland 0.91% the size of Australia.

Is Australia more expensive than Ireland?

Australia is 7.4% more expensive than Ireland.

Is Ireland bigger than Victoria Australia?

Ireland vs. Victoria (Australia): Comparea Area Comparison. Victoria (Australia) is 3.2 times larger than Ireland. Victoria (Australia) is 3.2 times larger than Ireland.

What is the population of Ireland in 2021?

Ireland’s population was estimated to be 5.01 million in April 2021, which is the first time the population has risen above five million since the 1851 census, when the comparable population was 5.11 million. See table 1.1 and figure 1.1. The total population on the island of Ireland in 1851 was 6.6 million.

Can Ireland fit in Lake Michigan?

The United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and its 64-plus million people could all fit inside the Great Lakes State. This West African nation and its population of 25.9 million people could fit inside Michigan with a decent amount of room to spare.

Is New York bigger than Ireland?

New York is far larger in area, with 54,475 square miles as opposed to Ireland’s 32,599 square miles.

Is London bigger than Ireland?

Ireland (island) is 54 times as big as London (UK) Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. … Ireland is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on Earth.

Is Ireland a rich or poor country?

In terms of GDP per capita, Ireland is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and the EU-27, at 4th in the OECD-28 rankings. In terms of GNP per capita, a better measure of national income, Ireland ranks below the OECD average, despite significant growth in recent years, at 10th in the OECD-28 rankings.

Is Sicily bigger than Ireland?

Republic of Ireland is 2.73 times as big as Sicily (Italy) Around 40% of the country’s population of 4.9 million people resides in the Greater Dublin Area.

Which is the largest island of the world?

  1. Greenland (836,330 sq miles/2,166,086 sq km)
  2. New Guinea (317,150 sq miles/821,400 sq km)
  3. Borneo (288,869 sq miles/748,168 sq km)
  4. Madagascar (226,756 sq miles/587,295 sq km)
  5. Baffin (195,928 sq miles/507,451 sq km)
  6. Sumatra (171,069 sq miles/443,066 sq km)

Is Iceland bigger than Ireland?

Iceland is about 1.5 times bigger than Ireland. Ireland is approximately 70,273 sq km, while Iceland is approximately 103,000 sq km, making Iceland 47% larger than Ireland.

How big is Australia compared to Europe?

How does the size of Australia compare to the size of Europe? Australia’s land mass is: almost as great as that of the United States of America. about 50 per cent greater than Europe, and. 32 times greater than the United Kingdom.

Is Australia bigger than USA?

United States is about 1.3 times bigger than Australia. Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 27% larger than Australia. … This to-scale map shows a size comparison of Australia compared to United States.

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