Quick answer: How to advertise a garage sale in sydney?


Garage Sale Advertising Flyers – Local shops, council, library, shopping centre, community and sporting groups. Press – Local newspapers and magazines. Online – Web sites like gazzasgaragesales.com.au. Radio – some stations broadcast addresses on weekends.

Additionally, how do I advertise my local garage sale?

  1. Street signs on steroids. You’re not going to just want one sign, you’re going to want many.
  2. Social Media.
  3. Local paper.
  4. Craigslist.
  5. Community boards.

Furthermore, where is the best place to advertise a garage sale?

  1. #1 – Craigslist.
  2. #2 – Gsalr.com.
  3. TIP: If you’re going to post photos, I would encourage you to post individual photos of your biggest/best items, rather than posting pictures of “stuff on tables” that will be for sale.
  4. #3 – YardSales.net.
  5. #4 – Yard Sale Search.
  6. #5 – Garage Sale Finder.
  7. #6 – GarageSales.com.

Likewise, what is the best way to do garage sale online?

  1. VarageSale. Easy to set up and easy to use, VarageSale is preferred by those with lots of items for sale because listing is quick and allows for a description of the product and what makes it unique.
  2. OfferUp.
  3. Venmo Or PayPal.

Amazingly, where can I advertise my garage sale online? Today, there many free online resources available to advertise your garage sale. Sites like YardSaleSearch.com, Gsalr.com and GarageSaleFinder.com—and their mobile apps—enable garage sale enthusiasts to browse sale listings and even map out a route of their favorites.

What should you not sell at a garage sale?

  1. Quality jewelry, silverware, antiques, collectibles or paintings.
  2. Better quality clothes.
  3. Similarly with big furniture items (beds, sofas, etc) and anything over $50.
  4. Don’t sell underwear at a yard sale.
  5. Don’t sell illegal goods, unsafe or recalled goods.

What is the best way to advertise a moving sale?

Specialized websites such as Craigslist Of course, the most popular place to advertise your moving sale online is Craigslist – it lets people search for garage sales near their location.

How do I advertise my garage sale on Facebook?

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to your newsfeed.
  2. Click on Events and then Create Event.
  3. Fill in details about your garage sale.
  4. Click Create Event to save your event.
  5. Click the Share button to advertise it locally.
  6. Select Promote Event at the top to pay for more advertising time.

When should you advertise a garage sale?

Advertise your garage sale at least a week in advance, and longer if it’s part of an organized neighborhood event.

How do you price items for a garage sale?

Follow the 10%–20% rule. Some people suggest pricing your items at only 10%–20% of their retail value. It may seem low, but it’ll move your inventory quickly.

Are garage sales worth the effort?

While garage sales can absolutely help you earn money, they work best when you have time to spare and plenty of good stuff to sell. In our current season of life, I have neither of those things. Earning extra money is important, but sometimes, time matters most of all.

How do I prepare for a successful garage sale?

  1. Have a goal for your garage sale.
  2. Check out the competition.
  3. Start collecting items.
  4. Write up a pricing sheet for clothes.
  5. Advertise your garage sale strategically.
  6. Post physical garage sale signs.
  7. Have all the essentials ready.
  8. Prepare digital tools if needed.

What’s the best yard sale app?

  1. CPLUS FOR CRAIGSLIST. First up is good ol’ Craigslist, the staple website and mobile app that lets people post classified ads.

How do I post a yard sale on nextdoor?

  1. Open the Nextdoor app.
  2. Tap the Plus sign in the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select Sell or give away an item.
  4. Choose the category of your item.
  5. Add photos of your item.
  6. Add a title.
  7. Set a price for your item, or mark it as free.
  8. Describe your item, providing details like size, color, and condition.

How much change do you need for a garage sale in Australia?

Change – you will need 3x $10 ($30), 4x $5 ($20), 15x $2 ($30) and 20x $1 ($20) = total $100. It is best to keep the money in a bum bag. A cash box may go missing at a busy garage sale if you’re not sitting on it!

What’s the difference between garage sale and yard sale?

Yard sale vs garage sale There’s no real difference between a yard sale and a garage sale (also called a tag sale or rummage sale). Each involves a homeowner selling items they no longer want. Some take place in the garage. … It really depends on the home’s layout and how much the homeowner is trying to sell.

How do I advertise an estate sale?

The more places you advertise, the better. Craigslist and social media sites, such as Facebook Marketplace, are a great start. Add your listing to sites specifically for estate sales such as EstateSales.net. And lastly, during the event, use signage to capture the attention of anyone passing near the home.

How do you hang garage sale signs?

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