Quick answer: How to get to fraser island from sydney?


Around 1,200km north of Sydney, Fraser Island can only be accessed from the mainland via ferry. Car and passenger ferries launch near the towns of Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach on the Fraser Coast and depart multiple times per day.

Also know, how do I get to Fraser Island? Fraser Island is separated from mainland Australia by the Great Sandy Strait and, since the island has no bridges, visitors must either get there by sea or air. The most popular way to get to Fraser Island is by a ferry or barge from Hervey Bay – the whale-watching capital of the world, or Rainbow Beach.

Best answer for this question, what is the cheapest way to get to Fraser Island? To get to the island, you’ll need to take a ferry. The ride will cost between 95-270 AUD per vehicle, depending on whether you’re going during peak hours and the size of your vehicle. A standard car during off-peak will be 114 AUD. Walk-on passengers without a vehicle cost 60 AUD return.

Also, how much does it cost to go Fraser Island? Ferry pricing to get on and off the island vary, and prices range from $105 -$350 per vehicle for a return journey from either River Heads or Inskip Point. Camping permits are $6.55 per person per night with discounts for families or students.

Moreover, how much does it cost to drive on Fraser Island? The base rate for one car and passengers is typically 130 dollars, but this may change depending on the day and season.Fraser Island is located off the east coast of Australia on the Fraser Coast. The only way to get to and from the island is by a ferry or barge as there are no bridges that go between the island and the mainland. While you cannot technically drive to the island – you can take your vehicle!

Can you take a caravan to Fraser Island?

The island is separated from the mainland by the Great Sandy Strait and your 4WD adventure begins with a voyage across it on a vehicle/passenger barge. … All-wheel drive vehicles and conventional caravans are not recommended and some inland tracks are not suitable for towing.

Is it worth staying on Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. Just visiting an island that is comprised of 98% sand is really fascinating to see in itself. The rainforest here grows right out of the sands and there are over 40 freshwater lakes some of which you can swim in, it’s definitely worth visiting.

Do you need a car on Fraser Island?

Yes you will need to do the Beauty Spots tour from Kingfisher (a 1 day tour) or else hire a 4wd to explore yourself. (Please note 4wd vehicles hired from major rental car companies are not permitted to be driven on the island – you will need to hire a vehicle specifically prepared for Fraser Island).

How many days do you need for Fraser Island?

A: Three days is a general advised trip to see the major attractions, however, there are so many beautiful hidden jems on Fraser Island, you could spend a week and not get bored! In 3 days, you will see a lot, but expect to do a lot of driving and rushing around, if you want to relax, consider 4 or 5 days.

Do you need to book the ferry to Fraser Island?

The trip to Fraser Island takes approximately 10 minutes, this service runs back and forth all day approx every 30 minutes, please call the office to make a booking.

What is the best time to go to Fraser Island?

Spring or Autumn can be very modest in temperature making it the best time to visit Fraser Island, While September to November will see temps higher up into 23c range. December through February offers more outdoor activities in the sun.

Can you free camp on Fraser Island?

Technically, free camping is not allowed on Fraser Island. Anyone wishing to camp on the island needs to apply and pay for a camping permit beforehand. There are many informal campgrounds, however, these are not free camps, with little-to-no facilities, they can be found on the east and west sides.

Can you drive on Fraser Island without a 4WD?

Yes, you can drive on Fraser Island. You must have a 4WD to drive on the resort (aside from Kingfisher Resort). … Police patrol the island.

Is there a bridge to Fraser Island?

As the below map shows, there are no bridges to Fraser Island therefore the only way to access the island is via vessel or aircraft. Visitors wishing to camp on the island or bring their own 4WD vehicle are advised to take a vehicle barge in order to bring all equipment with them.

Can AWD go on Fraser Island?

You cannot take an AWD on Fraser … you will not get 50m past the barge dropoff point. The only vehicles suitable are the high clearance 4WD “monster” vehicles as you call them.

Where do you get on the ferry to go to Fraser Island?

There are 2 departure points to Fraser Island: River Heads near Hervey Bay, or Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach. There are 3 places you can go to on the island from these departure points – either Hook Point on the southern coast, Kingfisher Bay on the west coast or Wanggoolba Creek on the west coast.

Can you camp anywhere on Fraser Island?

You will be required to purchase a camping permit to camp anywhere on the island. Fraser Island permits should be posted on the tent and be visible to park rangers. It’s also recommended to obtain a Fraser Island information pack which contains a Fraser Island map, as well as a camping tag and vehicle permit.

Can you buy firewood on Fraser Island?

You can’t buy any firewood on Fraser Island and gathering firewood on the island is prohibited, so if you are planning on using one of these fire rings, you will have to bring firewood with you. The firewood has to be milled timber and not bush wood.

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