Quick answer: How to use presto card toronto?


Subsequently, how do I use my PRESTO card? You can load your PRESTO card using the PRESTO App, at Shoppers Drug Mart, at Customer Service Outlets, online, or through our Chat feature. Load your card instantly at PRESTO self-serve machines in every GO Transit station and every TTC station, Shoppers Drug Mart locations and other Customer Service Outlets.

Considering this, which side do you tap your PRESTO card?

You asked, when should I tap my PRESTO card?

  1. When using PRESTO on GO Transit, you must always Tap On and Tap Off. You can however set a “Default Trip” for GO Train travel between the same two stations. This will allow you to avoid tapping off.

Likewise, do I tap my PRESTO card when I get off the bus? Once you’ve arrived, tap your card OFF to the Fare Payment Device as you exit the bus. The PRESTO system will debit or credit your card for the balance of that trip. If you forget to tap off, you will be charged to the end of that bus route, as PRESTO will not know where you got off.With PRESTO you get two hours to travel in any direction on the TTC with each payment. When you start your trip and tap your PRESTO card, your fare will be deducted and a two-hour transfer will automatically be applied to your card.

Do Presto card funds expire?

PRESTO cards no longer expire, even if there is an expiry date shown on the card (you may continue to use your card even after any indicated expiry date).

What happens if I tap Presto twice?

When you reach your destination station, tap a second time. 3. PRESTO automatically calculates your trip and deducts the fare.

What happens if you forget to tap off?

If you do not tap on but do tap off at the end, you will be charged the default fare. If you tap on at the beginning and then forget to tap off at the end of your trip, you will be charged the default fare for an incomplete trip.

What happens if I don’t tap off my go card?

To travel, simply touch your go card to the electronic card reader each time you start and finish your trip. When you touch off, your fare is automatically deducted from your card balance. … If you forget to touch on or off, you may be charged a fixed fare at the end of your trip.

How do I tap off Presto?

How do you use GO Bus?

Can I use my phone to tap Presto?

Simply tap your PRESTO card on the back of your phone to instantly load funds onto your PRESTO card.

Can you transfer Presto funds?

No, you can’t transfer the balance between two active PRESTO cards. If you cancel a PRESTO card, you can transfer the balance, passes and settings to a new card that has not been added to an account or had a pass added to it.

Do you have to tap off Presto on subway?

Q: Do I need to tap off when I exit the subway or a TTC or YRT bus? A: No. However, if you are transferring from the subway to a TTC, YRT or GO bus/train, you will need to tap on when you board the bus or train. You only need to tap off when you are riding a GO train or GO bus as their fares are determined by distance.

How many times can you transfer with Presto?

Under the new policy, Presto card users can take any number of trips, in any direction, for two hours after they tap their card to pay a fare. After the two hours are up, riders will be charged another fare the next time they tap their card.

How do I put money on my PRESTO card?

  1. Through the PRESTO App.
  2. Online.
  3. Through our Chat feature (you must have set up a Saved Payment Method to load your card through Chat)
  4. In person at a Customer Service Outlet.
  5. At a Self-Serve Reload Machine.

Is PRESTO cheaper than cash?

Even though tickets, tokens, and PRESTO fares are all cheaper than cash singe fares, they require bundling and ancillary costs that eradicate any savings for a one- or two-time rider. … But even if it happens, you can at least take solace in the fact that it only costs you 25 cents extra.

Can you claim PRESTO on your taxes?

If you have a My PRESTO Account, you may be able to claim the cost of transit trips under the Ontario Seniors Public Transit Tax Credit. Your Transit Usage Report provides up-to-date information about your transit use with PRESTO card for your records and tax purposes.

Can I have 2 Presto cards?

Yes, if you have a My PRESTO Account, you can REGISTER up to nine other PRESTO cards to your account (as long as they are not already registered to another My PRESTO Account). By adding additional cards to your account, you can: Load value to other cards that could have different registration information.

How do I use my Presto card on my phone?

Android users will need to place their cards either near the top, middle or bottom (back) of your phone in order to load funds or passes directly to your card. Pro-Tip #2 – Hold it there! – Patience my good friend.

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