Quick answer: What does mod mean toronto slang?


Just don’t leave your hood. Mod is informal slang for modern, and the two words can be used interchangeably.

You asked, what does dunno mean in Toronto slang? dun-no A term used to say, “of course.”

Also, what does We Are the Mods mean? Emerging in the early 60s, the ‘Modernists’ were an aspirational subculture of young men and women who dressed smartly and beautifully as a statement of rebellion against the austerity of their parent’s generation. … The Mod subculture emerged in London during the early 1960s.

Additionally, what does mod stand for on TikTok? Content Moderator – TikTok – TikTok.

Likewise, what does mod mean on twitter? A mod stands for moderator meaning he has the ability to ban, and timeout people, change my title and many other things. It is made so that streamers don’t have to do this and have people they trust helping their channel! 6:17 AM · Mar 26, 2020·Twitter for iPhone. 1. This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author.Social media content moderators usually focus on user-submitted content, rather than being responsible for verifying anything that other employees post or upload to social media accounts. Content moderators often help decide what rules to apply to content and announce changes or their activities as necessary.

What does mod mean in twitch?

Moderators (also known as mods) ensure that the chat meets the behavior and content standards set by the broadcaster by removing offensive posts and spam that detracts from conversations. Mods can be easily identified in chat by the green sword icon that appears next to their name.

What does mod mean in discord?

A mod is your assistant on Discord who helps you maintain a controlled, favorable setting for everyone. Assuming your server is a real-world community, moderators are like the patrolmen who keep an eye on everyone’s behavior, ensuring they abide by your rules.

How do you say shut up in Toronto slang?

  1. “Nize It” If someone in Toronto starts telling you to “nize” or nize it,” it means they are telling you to be quiet or shut up altogether.

What does get cheesed mean?

chiefly British. : angry, irritated. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cheesed off.

What do Roadmen call their friends?

‘Mandem’ is commonly used by males to describe their group of friends. Your crew is your mandem.

What is a mod British slang?

(mɒd ) Word forms: plural mods. countable noun. Mods are young people in Britain who wear a special kind of neat clothes, ride motor scooters, and like soul music. Many young people were mods in the early 1960s.

What does it mean to mod for someone?

When you “mod” someone on Twitch, it means that you are giving them the power to make significant changes to your chatrooms. Of course, you should talk to your mod before you assign the role to them. They need to be trustworthy enough for you to grant them that type of authority.

What does mod stand for restaurant?

With 15 stores now and more coming this year, Svenson said Mod’s run rate for 2014 is $15 million to $17 million. Mod stands for “made on demand.” The company’s restaurants sell personal-size pizzas that are assembled as the customer selects toppings and then baked quickly in an extremely hot oven. They sell for $7.17.

What does mod stand for hotel?

MOD Manager on Duty. Person at a facility in charge of operations and/or guest relations for a certain period of time. Occupancy. Rate In hotel /motel industry, the percentage of total number of available sleeping rooms actually occupied.

How do you mod someone on TikTok?

What is a mod in school?

In practice, this means flexible class times and varied student groupings. The schedule is made of modules (“mods”) of time – 15, 20, or 30 minutes, perhaps. Classes can meet any number of days per week and for different numbers of mods each time.

What does mod mean Minecraft?

Minecraft mod (short for Minecraft modification) describes the output or process of adding custom items and blocks to Minecraft.

What does mod mean urban?

mod Add to list Share. Something that’s stylish or cutting-edge can be called mod. Your mod haircut and outfit might make you feel like the most fashionable person in your neighborhood. Just don’t leave your hood. Mod is informal slang for modern, and the two words can be used interchangeably.

What was mod fashion?

1960’s mod fashion was a period of innovative, creative and bold outfits which reflected individuals amongst society. The brash outfits were once a descriptive element that created a persons appearance and the subculture belonged to London, England.

How do I become a good social media mod?

  1. Publish guidelines for commenters.
  2. Work with a Community Manager to keep on top of conversations.
  3. Encourage staff to participate in conversations.
  4. Find ways to surface most valuable comments.
  5. Give feedback and educate your readers.
  6. Seek legal advice and share with staff.

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