Quick answer: What is ironic about the conversation between juliet and paris?


The conversation between Juliet and Paris is ironic because Paris is happy and excited, and Juliet really doesn’t really care for it. … Friar Laurence thinks that juliet will accept his plans because it is a solution to not marry Paris and to marry Romeo.

Moreover, what is ironic about Juliet’s conversation with Paris when Juliet talks of love to whom is she referring? Juliet is referencing her love for Romeo as she talks about loving Paris. This is dramatic irony since Paris doesn’t know about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage. … He believes she will accept his plan because it’s a way out of her marriage with Paris. Describe Friar Laurence’s plan for Juliet.

As many you asked, what is ironic who is unaware and of what about the conversation between Juliet and Paris? S1-What is ironic about the conversation between Juliet and Paris? Juliet and Paris talk about love and confession of love to Friar Lawrence. Juliet actually confesses her love for Romeo to Paris, but he remains unaware of her “confession.”

Likewise, what is ironic in Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Scene 1? Literary Elements. -“I’m not dragging my feet”, Verbal Irony – Paris is not going to slow down the marriage date. – ” You can tell me to jump off the battle posts of any tower, or to walk down the crime-ridden streets of a slum-Dramatic Irony,She is saying she would rather jump of a tower then to marry Paris.

Amazingly, what is ironic about what is happening at the Capulet house while Juliet is planning to take the potion? How is the Capulet bustle and activity an example of dramatic irony? Its ironic that everyone one else but Juliet is preparing for her wedding except her, because she is drinking the poison to appear dead.Description: Count Paris is a kinsman of Prince Escalus and seeks to marry Juliet. He is described as handsome, somewhat self-absorbed, and very wealthy.

How old was Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

He is also, most probably, well connected politically, making him a good family contact for Capulet and his wife. This probably means that he is a quite mature being at least twenty-five years old, while Juliet has not yet turned fourteen.

Why is Juliet’s statement ironic?

The last time Juliet talked to his father, she was refusing to marry Paris. … She tells him that she now wants to marry Paris. The dramatic irony is that her father thinks that she is excited to marry Paris, when she is really excited to carry out the plan.

Does Paris really love Juliet?

Later textual evidence does indicate that Paris harbors a legitimate love for Juliet, and though he arrogantly assumes Juliet will want to marry him, Paris never treats her unkindly. Nevertheless, because she does not love him, marrying Paris represents a real and frightening possibility for Juliet.

What does Paris request create dramatic irony?

Paris: My father Capulet will have it so; And I am nothing slow to slack his haste. Why does Paris’s request create dramatic irony in this scene? because Friar Laurence has already married Juliet to Romeo. Capulet: O brother Montague!

What is ironic in Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Scene 2?

Juliet appears to be dead on her wedding day. situational irony – the characters don’t expect her to be dead on her wedding day, a day that starts her new life. Mercutio implies that Benvolio is hot-headed and quick to fight over nothing.

How is Paris characterized in this scene?

Gentle and compassionate , confident and concerned, obedient and thoughtful. How is Paris characterized in this scene? A dagger.

What is ironic about the acts of forgiveness at the end of Romeo and Juliet explain?

The irony that Shakespeare presents is when Juliet receives a proposal from a nobleman named Paris, but still falls in love with Romeo despite her families’ wishes. … When she came back, she told her Nurse that she wanted forgiveness from Capulet and that she was truly sorry about her behavior.

What is ironic about Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s change of heart?

2 Lines 17-37: What is ironic about Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s change of heart? … it is ironic that Capulet reacts this way because Juliet is tricking him.

Why does Paris say that Capulet wants the wedding between Juliet and Paris to be rushed?

According to Paris, why does Lord Capulet rush the wedding day? So that Juliet can get over Tybalt’s death faster.

How does this exchange between Paris and Lady Capulet demonstrate dramatic irony?

His insults calling her a package makes her seem like his property so we hate him even more as the oppressive male authority-figure. It is also dramatic irony because he is forcing her into the situation where she end up dead.

What is Paris compared to in Romeo and Juliet?

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Count Paris is the relative of Escalus, the Prince of Verona, who seeks to marry Juliet Capulet. His pursuit of her adds additional dramatic irony to the drama because, through most of the play, she is already privately married to Romeo Montague.

How does Juliet feel about Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Capulet’s plan for her to marry Paris on Thursday, explaining that he wishes to make her happy. Juliet is appalled. She rejects the match, saying “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo—whom you know I hate— / Rather than Paris” (3.5. 121–123).

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