Quick answer: Where is the best place to view vivid sydney?


  1. From your boat. Clearly one great way to see Vivid is from your own boat !
  2. Taronga Zoo.
  3. The Calyx.
  4. Luna Park.
  5. Cruise Bar.
  6. Aqua Dining.
  7. Sydney Bridge Climb.
  8. Royal Botanic Gardens.

In this regard, where are the vivid lights in Sydney? The best places to view the Vivid Light show is from the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Bradfield Park and from Darling Harbour.

Additionally, is vivid on this year 2021? Unfortunately, Vivid Sydney 2021 has been cancelled. … While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to bring you Sydney’s most spectacular event this year, preparations are already underway for Vivid 2022.

Quick Answer, has Vivid Sydney been Cancelled? The NSW Government has cancelled Vivid Sydney 2021 but the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas will shine brightly again in May-June 2022. The current lockdown and uncertainty around COVID-19 in NSW has prompted the decision.

People ask also, what time of year is Vivid Sydney? Vivid Sydney 2022 will be taking place from May 27 to June 18 next year. A long list of acts were set to play various shows put on by Vivid this year, including King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, Jesswar, G Flip, Methyl Ethel, Georgia Maq, Miiesha, Gordi and more.Quality contemporary Australian 3-course dining and live entertainment all set against the spectacular backdrop of Vivid Sydney lights. Normally $115.00. Save $16.00.

Is vivid happening this year?

In a statement, Vivid organisers advised that “the New South Wales Government has made the difficult decision to cancel Vivid Sydney 2021 — but the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas will shine brightly again in May–June 2022.

Who runs vivid?

Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency.

How long is vivid on for?

The festival usually runs for 23 days.

Who pays for Vivid Sydney?

The New South Wales government underwrites the costs of the event with record funding of $21.6 million provided over three years, starting 2012-13. [1] The NSW Government provides the bulk of funding from the Regional Visitor Economy Fund.

What happens at Vivid Sydney?

The festival features free mesmerising art displays and large-scale 3D projections from local and international artists, an eclectic line-up of musical performers, thought provoking talks from some of the world’s greatest minds, and the Sydney Opera House for Lighting of the Sails and Vivid LIVE.

Is vivid Cancelled?

Vivid Sydney will not go ahead in 2021, with the NSW Government cancelling the event due to “ongoing uncertainty”.

Why is vivid important?

Vivid Sydney is a unique festival of light, music and ideas, lasting 23 days and featuring many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures, a cutting edge contemporary music program and the spectacular illumination of some of Sydney’s most …

When was vivid Cancelled?

Vivid Sydney 2021 has been cancelled, meaning we’ll have to wait until May-June 2022 for the return of Sydney’s premier festival of light, music and ideas. Vivid was set to return from 6th-28th August 2021, but on 14th July, organisers pushed it back to 17th September-9th October.

How do you see vivid?

  1. 1/From your boat. Clearly one great way to see Vivid is from your own boat !
  2. 2/ Taronga Zoo.
  3. 3/ The Calyx.
  4. 4/ Luna Park.
  5. 5/ Cruise Bar.
  6. 6/ Aqua Dining.
  7. 7/ Sydney Bridge Climb.
  8. 8/ Royal Botanic Gardens.

Why is the Harbour bridge lit up?

Sydney Harbour has been lit up with a blue glow after a rare display of bioluminescence in the water. The water normally reflects the glowing lights of the Opera House, Luna Park and the Harbour Bridge, however this week it was a little different.

What time is Sydney Opera House light show?

Lighting takes places every night at sunset and again at 7 pm (in winter) and 9 pm (in summer).

Where should I eat during vivid?

  1. Bennelong. Restaurant. The Sydney Opera House is the centre of Vivid every year.
  2. Mary’s Circular Quay. Restaurant.
  3. Maybe Sammy. Bar.
  4. Bistecca. Restaurant.
  5. Kittyhawk. Bar.
  6. Henry Deane. Bar.
  7. Bopp and Tone. Restaurant.
  8. The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room. Restaurant.

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