Quick answer: Why is viktor axelsen moving to dubai?

The first reason relates to his asthma condition. Axelsen suffers very badly from asthma in Denmark during the pollen season as he is allergic to them. In 2019, he had to withdraw from the Minsk European Games after being hospitalized for two weeks due to a pollen allergy.

Moreover, why did Viktor Axelsen move to Dubai? Axelsen wants to have more time with his family. This happened because the travel time became shorter if he competed in Asia. “The shorter the travel time, the more time I can spend with Natalia (his wife) and Vega (his son),” he said. The move of badminton players to a new country is not new.

As many you asked, where does Viktor Axelsen train? Young Indian shuttler Lakshya Sen has been training with Tokyo Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen at the Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex in Dubai. Denmark’s Axelsen shifted his base to Dubai last month and invited five players, including Sen, to train with him for a month.

People ask also, who trains with Viktor Axelsen? Badminton: S’pore’s Loh Kean Yew to train with Axelsen again in Olympic medal push. SINGAPORE – The one-month training stint with Denmark’s world No. 1 and Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen post-Tokyo 2020 has been widely credited as a huge factor in Singaporean Loh Kean Yew’s rise to become world champion.

In this regard, why did Viktor Axelsen retire? “After playing the Denmark Open final on Sunday, I’ve been trying to recover and catch up on a few minor injuries which have been causing me some pain the last few days,” Axelsen said in a statement published to social media. He added: “I quickly felt that I’m not ready to compete this week.Natalia Koch Rohde (born 1 August 1995) is a Danish badminton player.

Does Viktor Axelsen have a child?

Together, they have a beautiful daughter, Vega. Viktor announced the birth of their daughter on his Instagram on April 24, 2020. Vega Axelsen was born on 15 Ocotber 2020. The adorable daughter is growing rapidly and is winning the hearts of all the fans.

Why does Viktor Axelsen speak Chinese?

Axelsen, whose Chinese name is An Sai Long, a play on words that mixes his surname with the character for “dragon”, started to practise the language seven years ago with the hope of learning “just a bit of survival Chinese” for his tournaments in China.

Who has defeated Viktor Axelsen?

BWF World Championships: World number one Viktor Axelsen suffers shock defeat in his opener against Loh Kean Yew.

Who trains Loh Kean Yew?

The 24-year-old Loh, with his boyish grin and charm, has caught the imagination in Singapore. But 2021 could have turned out very differently for him, if not for a setback early in the year followed by a training stint with Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen.

What happened to Kento Momota in French Open?

Momota started to feel uncomfortable early in the second game and called for a medical timeout when he was trailing 3-6. The tournament referee then entered the court to advise Momota that if he decided to withdraw against his teammate, he would lose all ranking points accumulated for the entire 2021 French Open.

Who is the best badminton player in Denmark?

Viktor Axelsen (born 4 January 1994) is a Danish badminton player. He is the 2017 World champion and the 2020 Olympic champion.

How many languages can Viktor Axelsen speak?

Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen can speak three languages. Can you guess them? The Danish world champion reveals how speaking Mandarin has opened up opportunities for him in the world of badminton.

Why is badminton popular in Denmark?

Badminton players in Denmark are continuously winning tournaments, and the major television networks in the country always broadcast the games. This intense coverage means that even more people are exposed to the sport, which is yet another reason why it is growing in popularity.

Which Indian become the top ranked player in men’s singles in 2018 in the BWF world rankings?

Prakash Padukone was the first player from India to achieve world no. 1 spot in the game and after him Srikanth Kidambi made it to the top spot as male player for the second time in April 2018.

Who is Viktor Axelsen new coach?

Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen will be playing his first match today in the 2021 Victor Denmark Open without his usual coach Kenneth Jonassen. His father-in-law and his new coach, Henrik ‘PK’ Rohde will be the one who will sit behind Axelsen on the court today to give coaching inputs to him.

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