What chapter of the pearl states that the doctor thought about paris?


The doctor comes back, gives the baby an antidote potion, and asks when Kino can pay the bill. Kino replies that he will pay as soon as the pearl is sold. The doctor offers to keep the pearl in his safe, but Kino says it’s safe enough with him, and that he’ll sell it in the morning.

Beside above, what happened in chapter 4 in the pearl? Word spreads throughout the town of La Paz that Kino will be selling his great pearl. The pearl buyers are especially excited, and the pearl fishers abandon their work for the day to witness the transaction. Juan Tomás tells Kino that another system of pearl-selling used to exist before Kino was born. …

Also the question is, what happened in chapter 5 and 6 of the pearl? Kino is able to catch her just as she begins to throw the pearl back into the ocean. … He takes the pearl from her, and in a fury begins hitting her about the face, and kicking her in the sides. Juana falls to the sand, and the sea licks at her crumpled body.

Subsequently, what happened in chapter 6 of the pearl? Kino stares at the pearl to read his future. He lies to Juana, telling her that he sees a rifle, a marriage in a church, and an education for Coyotito. In truth Kino sees a body bleeding on the ground, Juana making her way home through the night after being beaten, and Coyotito’s face swollen as though he were sick.

You asked, what is Chapter 5 of the pearl about? Kino explains that he inadvertently killed a man after being attacked in the darkness. Juan Tomás blames this misfortune on the pearl and advises Kino to sell it without delay. Kino, however, is more focused on his losses, detailing the destruction of his canoe and his house.

What happened in chapter 2 of the pearl?

In chapter two of ”The Pearl” by John Steinbeck, Kino searches for a pearl that is valuable enough to be sold so that he can afford get medical treatment for his son, Coyotito, who was stung by a scorpion.

What happened in Chapter 1 of the pearl?

When Coyotito shakes the rope of the hanging box, the scorpion falls, lands on his shoulder, and stings him. Kino immediately seizes the creature and crushes it in his grasp, beating it to death on the floor for good measure. Kino’s retribution does no good, though, and Coyotito screams with pain.

What does the pearl symbolize in Chapter 3?

This is the first time that the pearl itself is acknowledged as a source of evil. Kino wishes to keep it despite the bad things it’s wrought because it also promises hope and the potential for greatness. Now that he has a chance at a “better” life, he does not want to give it up.

What happens to Kino that night Chapter 4?

The neighbors come to celebrate, but secretly, they are jealous and want the pearl for themselves. Kino wants to use the money to properly marry Juana in a church and to send his son to school. … In chapter four of The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Kino decides to sell the pearl, but struggles working with the dealers.

Who attacked Kino in Chapter 5?

Kino manages to stop her just as she is about to throw the pearl into the water. He wrestles it back, strikes her in the face, and kicks her once she’s fallen to the ground. Juana is terrified and, looking at Kino, knows that he is capable of murder. As Kino makes his way back to the hut, a figure attacks him.

Who is Juan Tomas in the pearl?

Juan Tomás, Kino’s brother, is the one person, besides Juana that truly wants the best for Kino. Juan Tomás lives with his wife, Apolonia, and their four children in the same neighborhood as Kino and Juana. Let’s find out more about Juan Tomás in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.

How does the author describe Kino at the beginning of Chapter 6?

How does the author describe Kino at the beginning of chapter 6? Kino is described as having some animal characteristic and an ancient thing has awakened him. Chapter 6 might be subtitled “the flight” Name 4 important incidents that happened.

Who is responsible for Coyotito’s death?

In reverting to this animalistic strategy, Kino inadvertently transforms his own son into an animal, leading to Coyotito’s death by an indiscriminate gunshot on the part of the trackers, who mistake the baby’s cry for that of a coyote.

What is the setting of Chapter 6 in the pearl?

Kino and Juana travel with Coyotito north toward Lareto (another town on the Baja Peninsula). He then decides to comfort himself by looking into the pearl and imagining all the things he can buy with his wealth. …

What songs does Kino hear in Chapter 6 when does he hear them?

Ch. 6: What song does Kino hear in this chapter? The Evil song and the Song of family. He hears them when he spots the trackers.

What is the conflict in Chapter 5 of the pearl?

Kino’s dream has challenged the system. Kino is losing everything that connects him to the town. This separation can only mean one thing – destruction. Kino’s battle with Juana foreshadows the death of his family.

What happens to Coyotito?

Suddenly, Coyotito lets out a cry that wakes one of the sleeping trackers. … Unbeknownst to Kino, the bullet hits and kills Coyotito. As the watchman shoots, Kino springs upon the trackers, stabbing the watchman and seizing the rifle.

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