What county,province,state is london in?

London is located in the county of Greater London, an administrative area that includes 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

Beside above, what do I put for State Province UK? The U.K. doesn’t have provinces. The closest thing we have that would be comparable to a province are our constituent countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Also know, is United Kingdom a state or province? The ‘United Kingdom’ refers to a political union between, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Although the UK is a fully independent sovereign state, the 4 nations that make it up are also countries in their own right and have a certain extent of autonomy.

As many you asked, what is my State London? In this case London‘s ‘State’ would be England. Alternatively you could view the E.U. as the US, the UK like one of the US states and the UK’s countries as state counties in which case London’s ‘State’ would be the UK.

Similarly, is London in Middlesex County? Middlesex, historic county of southeasternEngland, incorporating central London north of the River Thames and surrounding areas to the north and west. Most of Middlesex, for administrative purposes, became part of Greater London in 1965. The River Thames was the key to the history of Middlesex.

What are provinces called in the UK?

In the UK, a country is the equivalent of a state or a province. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are like states or provinces.

What is state province region?

A province is a region within a country. … Many countries are divided into provinces. In the U.S. we don’t have official provinces; we have states and counties.

Is Surrey a province in the UK?

Population (mid-2019 est.) Surrey (/ˈsʌri/) is a county in South East England which borders Kent to the east, East Sussex to the southeast, West Sussex to the south, Hampshire to the west, Berkshire to the northwest, and Greater London to the northeast. … Surrey is a relatively affluent county.

How many counties are there in the UK?

Administrative counties and districts There are currently 27 administrative counties in England, and many of them carry the same names as historic counties.

Is London a city or state?

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is the U.K.’s largest metropolis and its economic, transportation, and cultural centre. London is also among the oldest of the world’s great cities, with its history spanning nearly two millennia.

How many boroughs are in London?

Each of the 32 London boroughs* are divided into wards.

What part of London is Middlesex?

Middlesex (/ˈmɪdəlsɛks/; abbreviation: Middx) is a historic county in southeast England. Its area is almost entirely within the wider urbanised area of London and mostly within the ceremonial county of Greater London, with small sections in neighbouring ceremonial counties.

Is London in Canada or UK?

London (pronounced /ˈlʌndən/) is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor. The city had a population of 383,822 according to the 2016 Canadian census. … London and the Thames were named in 1793 by John Graves Simcoe, who proposed the site for the capital city of Upper Canada.

What area is Middlesex County?

Geography. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 847 square miles (2,190 km2), of which 818 square miles (2,120 km2) is land and 29 square miles (75 km2) (3.5%) is water. It is the third-largest county in Massachusetts by land area.

Is Surrey a county in England?

Surrey, administrative and historic county of southeastern England. It is situated just southwest of London, adjoining the River Thames. Surrey is bordered to the northwest by Berkshire, to the northeast by the Greater London conurbation, to the east by Kent, to the south by Sussex, and to the west by Hampshire.

How many state are there in London?

It is administered by the Greater London Authority, City of London Corporation and 32 London boroughs. These boroughs are modern, having been created in 1965 and have a weaker sense of identity than their constituent “districts” (considered in speech, “parts of London” or more formally, “areas”).

What are the 4 counties of England?

Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Devon, East Sussex, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Somerset and Staffordshire are non-metropolitan counties with multiple districts and a county council, where one or more districts have been split off to …

Is NCR a province?

The National Capital Region (NCR) is the only region in the country without any province.

What county is Croydon in London?

Croydon, outer borough of London, England, on the southern edge of the metropolis. It is in the historic county of Surrey. The present borough was established in 1965 by the amalgamation of the former county borough of Croydon and the adjacent district of Coulsdon and Purley.

Is Brighton a county?

Brighton and Hove, city and unitary authority, geographic county of East Sussex, historic county of Sussex, southeastern England. It is located on the English Channel 51 miles (82 km) south of London, with which it is closely linked by rail and superhighway.

What countries have provinces?

  1. Modern provinces.
  2. Canada.
  3. Pakistan.
  4. Russia.
  5. Polities translated.
  6. Ancient, medieval and feudal.
  7. Colonial and early modern.

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