What do toronto mans say?

Only townies say, “what’s up?” If you’re a Toronto man, you say “wagwan.”

Moreover, what are some Toronto slang words?

  1. “HOOOOLY”
  2. “Cuzo”
  3. “Fam”
  4. “Waste”
  5. “Yute”
  6. “Ting”
  7. “Reach”
  8. “Nize It”

You asked, what is going on Toronto slang? Toronto slang: Wagwan wah-gwon A fun greeting that’s basically to say “what’s going on.”

In this regard, what are some Canadian sayings?

  1. “Eh?!” Loonie (and toonie)
  2. “I’m gonna go to Timmies real quick and grab me a box of Timbits.”
  3. “Mmm…
  4. “Yeah, this is a crazy life.
  5. “I’m on my way to the Beer Store to pick up a two-four.”
  6. “Grab your toque.
  7. “Just grab a mickey.
  8. “Let’s have a couple pops on the chesterfield [couch].”

You asked, what does YUTE mean slang? uk. /juːt/ us. /juːt/ relating to young people, especially those influenced by the most recent fashions and ideas: The adverts target yute culture.”Sweeterman” This is the term to describe a guy that is smooth with the ladies. Normally all guys in Sauga fight for the title, but finding an actual sweetermans there is scarce. The term was made popular by Mississauga rapper and artist Ramriddlz and Toronto’s very own 6ix god Drake.

What is someone from Toronto called?

Torontonian (plural Torontonians) A native or inhabitant of Toronto.

Do they say Ting in Canada?

Ting: Thing, casual relationship. From Jamaican patois but a homegrown Toronto meaning.

Is Say Less Toronto slang?

“Say less” is an expression that’s fairly popular in places like Toronto among the youth. You might find the following exchange taking place between two friends.

What does Marved mean?

Marved: To be extremely hungry. Example: “Yo man, I’m marved! Can we get something to eat?” Styll: Commonly used at the end of a sentence in order to provide emphasis.

How do you speak Toronto slang?

  1. “Fam” If you grew up in Toronto, this term of endearment is your bread and butter.
  2. “Breeze” Use this word to tell someone to beat it.
  3. “Bare Manz”
  4. “Tings”
  5. “Cyattie”
  6. “Cheesed”
  7. “Sweeterman”
  8. “Moss”

How do you talk like a Canadian?

To talk like a Canadian, say “Eh” instead of “You know” and “Pardon?” like, “The weather’s nice, eh?” You should also pronounce “About,” as “Aboot” and say, “Pardon me,” instead of “Excuse me.” Refer to other Canadians as “Canucks.” Use Canadian slang for money too, like a “loony” for a Canadian dollar, a “toony” for 2 …

How do you speak Canadian slang?

What do Roadmen call their friends?

‘Mandem’ is commonly used by males to describe their group of friends. Your crew is your mandem.

What’s a waste man?

Definition of wasteman : a worker who removes waste: such as. a : one who collects and disposes of waste that accumulates during a manufacturing process. b : a mine worker who keeps working areas and passageways free of refuse and repairs brattices.

Is YUTE a bad word?

Where does yout come from? Yout originates in Jamaican Creole, where youth is pronounced like yoot and refers to young people. … Elsewhere in the Jamaican communities of Toronto (and among those who’ve co-opted their slang), waste yute is slang for a “worthless person.”

What does you’re a bean mean?

noun. 4. (slang) A person’s head. noun. 3.

What are you saying slang?

Filters. (UK, MLE, slang) Greeting equivalent to what’s up or what’s happening.

What does Dukes Toronto mean?

/ (djuːks) / pl n. slang the fists (esp in the phrase put your dukes up)

What is Toronto best known for?

Toronto is known for its multiculturalism, sports, and unique landmarks, such as the CN Tower. This bustling city features various cuisines, architectural mixtures, and a long history. Toronto is also home to one of the world’s largest film festivals, the Toronto International Film Festival.

Why is Toronto called the 6?

While the meaning of the term was initially unclear, Drake clarified in a 2016 interview by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that it derived from the shared digits of the 416 and 647 telephone area codes and the six municipalities that amalgamated into the current Toronto city proper in 1998.

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