What happens to sydney on melrose place?


Sydney is revealed to be alive in the 2009 series, her death faked with Michael’s assistance. She is now the landlady of 4616 Melrose Place, and a central figure in the lives of its current tenants. In the opening scenes of the pilot, Sydney is found murdered, floating in the pool.

Beside above, why did Sydney leave Melrose Place? Laura Leighton’s Sydney Andrews was one of the biggest love-to-hate-her characters on the series. However, she left the series after season five, when her character was run over by a car. Everyone assumed she was dead, but in 2009, Sydney came back for the “Melrose Place” reboot.

People ask also, who did Sydney marry on Melrose Place? Meanwhile, Sydney blackmails Michael into marrying her and their marriage is mostly one sided. When Kimberly shows up alive at the end of season two, he goes back to her and divorces Sydney. He later marries Kimberly in season three.

Best answer for this question, who does Jane end up with on Melrose Place? Shortly after being robbed at gunpoint several episodes later, Jane leaves Melrose Place and moves back to her hometown of Chicago. She eventually moves back to L.A. for the final season of the show. Jane and Michael rekindle their relationship, and they marry each other for a second time.

Furthermore, who does Craig end up with on Melrose Place? During a brief period in which Amanda and Peter were separated, Craig framed Amanda for adultery, leading an end to her and Peter’s marriage. Craig and Amanda then had sex for real, but she did want to further their relationship. Eventually, Craig fell in love with Sydney. In the season five finale, they got married.In episode 12 it is revealed that Michael’s wife Vanessa had visited Sydney to confront her about the affair with Michael. Sydney’s taunts about Vanessa and Michael’s son Noah actually being fathered by David had driven Vanessa to attack and ultimately kill Sydney.

What happened to Jo Reynolds on Melrose Place?

Though she initially declined, she later stopped Dominick at the airport and stated that she didn’t want to lose him. After he asked her to join him again, Jo finally agreed, and exited the series with her boyfriend. Jo and Jake later reunite and get married.

How many times was Michael married on Melrose Place?

He is a talented surgeon and a serial lover, having been married to Jane Andrews, Sydney Andrews, Kimberly Shaw, Megan Lewis, and Vanessa Mancini. He has two sons: David Breck and Michael Davis.

Was Jane pregnant in Melrose Place?

Aspiring fashion designer Jane is pregnant. She broaches the subject of babies with her husband Michael, who’s in the midst of a medical internship. Unaware she’s expecting, Michael shoots down the idea because he thinks they should focus on their careers.

Does Michael cheat on Jane in Jane the virgin?

At their first meeting, Jane thought Michael was a stripper. When they were dating, they did not have sex. They got engaged, but Jane broke it off in Chapter Six. Michael and Jane got married in Chapter Forty-Four.

Why did Daphne Zuniga leave Melrose Place?

Zuniga said she’s leaving “Melrose Place” for a couple of reasons. “There is nothing more for my character to do. How often can she be used and abused by men? She has no family.

What happens to Eve on Melrose Place?

Feeling resentful toward Peter and others, Eve became mentally unstable and attempted to run Peter and Amanda over. She was arrested in the series finale for taking Peter’s ashes and dumping them all over Lexi.

Who does Megan end up with on Melrose Place?

Sarah ended up meeting Megan instead, and the two bonded for a time before Ryan discovered the girl’s new whereabouts. Megan later married Ryan after he’d gained custody of Sarah, and the two began raising the girl together.

What happens to Matt on Melrose Place?

Matt later died in a car accident while coming to visit his friends. His memories of them, however, were shared via a diary.

Who was Jo’s baby daddy on Melrose Place?

Billy and Alison break up after she learns that he took a job at D&D without consulting her. Jo receives a surprise visit from Reed’s parents. She reluctantly admits that Reed is the father of her child, and is shocked when the Carters sue her for custody.

Who gets raped in Melrose Place?

In Season 4, the two were eventually engaged, but Richard ended their relationship upon discovering that Jane — still reeling from past experiences in her love life — wasn’t actually in love with him. However, he still harbored passion for her, and later beat and raped Jane while they were in a hotel on business.

What happens to Amanda on Melrose Place?

Locklear returned as Amanda in the show’s tenth episode, “Cahuenga.” As with the original series, she was billed as a “Special Guest Star.” In the show’s final episode, “Wilshire,” she is arrested for her involvement in an art theft that was partially responsible for the murder of Sydney Andrews, but the final scene …

Is Doug Savant still married to Laura Leighton?

Doug Savant was born on June 21, 1964 in Burbank, California, USA as Douglas Peter Savant. He is an actor, known for Desperate Housewives (2004), Godzilla (1998) and Trick or Treat (1986). He has been married to Laura Leighton since May 2, 1998.

Who is Doug Savant wife?

Savant was born and raised in Burbank, California. He attended University of California, Los Angeles. In May 1998, he married his Melrose Place co-star Laura Leighton. They have two children together: Jack (born October 10, 2000) and Lucy (born June 9, 2005).

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