What is illusionarium toronto?

About Illusionarium Upon entry to the Illusionarium experience, each socially distanced group journeys through time and place with truly unique encounters over their one hour passage.

Frequent question, is Illusionarium kid friendly? We recommend Illusionarium for ages 5 and up. As such, children under this age will not be admitted.

Also know, who are the magicians in Illusionarium? Conceived by British high-tech magician, Jamie Allan (iMagician), this experiential exhibit blends Jamie’s encyclopedic knowledge on the history of magic with state-of-the-art-technology to bring illusions of the past into the 21st century.

Also the question is, where do I park for Illusionarium? The venue does not have dedicated onsite parking but there are a number of public parking lots nearby. The closest lots are across the street on Queens Quay and just North of 1 Yonge on Yonge St (pricing may vary). There is a shoulder outside the front entrance for drop-offs close to ramp access.

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