What is the meaning of toronto in hindi?


Originally named York but renamed Toronto in 1834, from a Huron word meaning ‘meeting place’.

Similarly, what is the meaning of Torato? Toronto. / (təˈrɒntəʊ) / noun. a city in S central Canada, capital of Ontario, on Lake Ontario: the major industrial centre of Canada; two universities.

Also, what is the meaning of Garthi? ಗರ್ದಿ ♪ gardi. a noise and unruly situation. a loud and confusing noise; clamour; din.

Likewise, what is the meaning of Boboes? : a member of a social class of well-to-do professionals who espouse bohemian values and lead bourgeois lives.

Correspondingly, what was Toronto originally called? To differentiate from York in England and New York City, the town was known as “Little York”. In 1804, settler Angus MacDonald petitioned the Parliament of Upper Canada to restore the original name of the area, but this was rejected. The town changed its name back to Toronto when it was incorporated into a city.

What is another name for Toronto?

Little York. In 1793, Toronto was known as York. York was incorporated and renamed Toronto in 1834.

What is the meaning of Vancouver?

Vancouvernoun. A large city and seaport in British Columbia, Canada. Etymology: The family name is from the place name Coevorden (“the place where cows ford the river”) via the Dutch family name van Coevorden (“a person from Coevorden”).

What does the name Mississauga mean?

“Mississauga” translates as meaning “River of the North of Many Mouths”. The First Purchase. On August 2nd, 1805, near the mouth of the Credit River, representatives for the British Crown and the Native Mississaugas signed a treaty – Treaty 13A – which surrendered a vast tract of land to the British Crown.

What is the meaning of Bobo ako?

bobo ka. you’re stupid. Similar Words. mahina ang ulo adjective. stupid, obtuse, featherbrained, thickheaded, thick.

What is Bobo Philippines?

It means “dumb” or “stupid” in Spanish. [1] Philippines used to be a long-time Spanish colony, so Filipinos learned to speak Spanish a bit and incorporate many of its words into their own tongue and passed it onto their generations. The word is included.

What does Bobo mean in India?

bobonoun. A materialistic person who affects an anti-materialistic persona.

Is Toronto an Indian name?

The name Toronto was first applied to a narrow stretch of water between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. The word, Anglicized from Mohawk, was spelled tkaronto and taronto and used to describe an area where trees grow in shallow water.

Who built Toronto?

In 1793, Governor John Graves Simcoe established the town of York on the Toronto Purchase lands, naming it after Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.

Where does name Toronto?

The name Toronto is derived from the Mohawk word tkaronto, which means “where there are trees standing in the water.” The word originally referred to The Narrows, near present-day Orillia, where the Wendat and other groups drove stakes into the water to create fish weirs.

Why is Toronto called the Queen city?

During Queen Victoria’s reign, Toronto transformed itself from a backwater into an Upper Canadian rival to Lower Canada’s chief city, Montreal. … No big surprise, then, that by the end of the 19th century Toronto had begun to call itself the Queen City.

Why is Toronto called the good?

TORONTO THE GOOD is a title referencing the city’s strict moral code in the 19th century. … THE MEGACITY came on the heels of the amalgamation of the cities and boroughs in 1998 that made up Metropolitan Toronto.

What does etymology mean in English?

1 : an explanation of where a word came from : the history of a word According to its etymology, the English word “dope” comes from the Dutch word “doop” (which means “sauce”). Several different etymologies have been proposed. 2 : the study of word histories an expert in etymology.

In which country Vancouver is located?

Vancouver, city, southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is the major urban centre of western Canada and the focus of one of the country’s most populous metropolitan regions.

Is Mississauga an Indian name?

The name “Mississauga” comes from the Anishinaabe word Misi-zaagiing, meaning “[Those at the] Great River-mouth.” It is closely related to the Ojibwe word Misswezahging, which means ‘a river with many outlets. ‘

What city is Scarborough?

Scarborough, former city (1983–98), southeastern Ontario, Canada. In 1998 it amalgamated with the borough of East York and the cities of Etobicoke, York, North York, and Toronto to form the City of Toronto. Scarborough township (incorporated 1850) was reconstituted as a borough in 1967 and a city in 1983.

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