What to do with extra recycling toronto?


Excess recycling should be put in a large clear bag and placed beside the Blue Bin. Ensure bags can fit back into the recycling bin and are placed 0.5 metres apart. Recycling that is placed in black bags or bags that are not clear will be considered garbage.

Also, what do you do if you recycle too much?

  1. Recycle all you can.
  2. Donate your waste.
  3. Compost your waste.
  4. Check with your local council or waste management company.
  5. Take your waste to the recycling centre.
  6. Reduce your waste.

Also know, is there a limit on recycling Toronto? There is no limit to the amount of overflow recycling set out for collection, however, the City encourages residents who consistently have overflow recyclables to order a larger bin or their items may not be collected.

People ask also, can you use blue recycling bags in Toronto? Conversation. Excess recycling can be put in a large clear bag & placed beside your Blue Bin for pickup. Excess cardboard should be flattened, cut into small pieces & bundled with string or twine.

Likewise, can I put my recycling in a plastic bag Toronto? General Recycling Instructions Put items in loose and not bagged. Use a clear plastic bag only if necessary. Prepare containers in 3 easy steps: empty food, liquids or other contents.

  1. Can it be reused?
  2. Use a House Clearance company, not a rubbish removal company.
  3. Take it to your nearest civic amenity site.
  4. Use your council’s bulky household waste collection service.
  5. Break down the waste before it’s collected.
  6. Get your kitchen fitter to remove the waste for free.
  7. Share the problem with a neighbour or two.

Can you use white bin bags for recycling?

Yes. Both reprocessed and virgin (newly-manufactured) polythene bin bags can be recycled after use. Some waste management services will accept used bin bags for recycling as their cleaning processes are thorough enough to remove any contamination.

How many blue bags can I put out?

There is no limit to how many Blue Boxes or clear plastic bags of recyclable material that can be placed for collection. You can mix all recyclable material into the same Blue Box or clear plastic bag. Corrugated cardboard is to be tied in bundles no larger than 4 ft x 4 ft x 1 ft (120cm x 120 cm x 30 cm).

Can you leave old furniture on the curb?

Many cities prohibit residents from putting large and heavy items on the curb. The best thing you can do is to contact your local curbside recycling and garbage collection services. Avoid paying a hefty fine from leaving furniture at the curb just because you assumed that it’s alright to do so.

What is the oversized item fee Toronto?

“A fee for this service is charged to each house and multi-residential unit annually (in 2021 the fee is $19.75 per home and multi-residential unit). The fee is based on the cost to collect, process and dispose of these items.

Can bubble wrap be recycled in Toronto?

This is why bubble wrap’s not included in the list of recyclables in Toronto. Cling wrap is made from polyvinyl chloride. This material is not recyclable, contaminated or otherwise. Any sort of household cling wrap should be placed in the garbage can with the other waste materials.

Can you put shoes in recycling bin?

If your shoes are truly beat and you can’t fathom another person loving them — a good rule of thumb is that if the uppers are still in good condition, the shoe can have a second life — toss them into a recycling bin instead of the trash.

Are shoes recyclable?

Terracycle has a program where you can recycle just about any pair of shoes you have. Just choose a box on the website that applies to the pair of shoes you would like to recycle, and they’ll send it right to your door. Once it’s packed, just ship it back and Terracycle will reuse, upcycle, and recycle as appropriate.

Do you need to rinse recycling Ontario?

You can mix containers (e.g. bottles and cans) and paper products together in your Blue Bin. … However, you should empty and rinse all containers/bags to remove residue prior to placing them in the Blue Bin. Recyclables which are not rinsed clean will contaminate other items in the bin and could attract pests.

Can you recycle pizza boxes Toronto?

Pizza boxes The grease from all that delicious pizza, saturates the cardboard, tainting it with food. This item goes in the green bin, just like dirty paper towels. If you remove any pieces of clean cardboard, like the lid, that can still be recycled.

Can ice cream containers be recycled?

Plastic Cartons Are Recyclable Depending on the plastic type, plastic ice cream cartons can usually be recycled. Please make sure to clean the container to avoid contaminating other items in your recycling bin.

What time can refuse collectors start work?

Typical working hours would be between 6.30am or 7am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. You may sometimes need to work on public holidays, and weekend overtime may be available.

How do I dispose of a double bed?

  1. Your local council will collect your old mattress.
  2. Take your old mattress to the tip.
  3. Donate your old mattress.

How do I get rid of an old sofa?

  1. Donating your sofa to charity.
  2. Asking the council to take your sofa away.
  3. Take your sofa to a recycling centre at a tip.
  4. Taking your sofa apart.
  5. Will your new sofa company take your old one away?
  6. Giving your sofa away for free online.
  7. Selling a second-hand sofa.

What are grey bin bags used for?

Heavy duty red bags are stronger, larger bags suitable for heavy waste from hospitality businesses. Large grey bags are used for waste compactors.

Are black bin bags biodegradable?

The way we manufacture and dispose of plastics needs to change, that’s why we offer these biodegradable bin bags as an alternative to plastic. These black bags are strong and sturdy and in buying them, you will be doing your bit to make our planet a greener place to live.

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