What ward am i in in toronto?


The Ward (formally St. John’s Ward) was a neighbourhood in central Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many new immigrants first settled in the neighbourhood; it was at the time widely considered a slum.

Furthermore, what ward is Scarborough? Ward 21: Scarborough Centre.

Also, how many wards is the City of Toronto divided into? Ward Profiles have been developed by the City of Toronto for each of the 44 wards. They provide a portrait of the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the people and households in each City Ward.

Considering this, what is a ward Ontario? In the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a ward is an electoral district within a municipality used in local politics. … There are 23 wards in Ottawa.

You asked, what happened to the ward Toronto? In 1911 an investigation by the City of Toronto’s Department of Health documented in detail the poor living conditions in the Ward. These reports sparked heated political debates that eventually led to the demise of the area. Slowly, amid protest, individuals and communities were pushed out.

When was the ward in Toronto?

The Ward was home to refugees from the Irish Potato Famine, Americans who escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad, and Russian and Eastern European refugees. From the late 19th century to the 1920s, it was also the centre of Toronto’s Jewish and Italian communities, and the site of Toronto’s first Chinatown.

What Ward is York South Weston?

Ward 5 York South—Weston is a municipal electoral division in Toronto, Ontario that has been represented in the Toronto City Council since the 2018 municipal election.

What Ward is Spadina Fort York?

Ward 10 Spadina—Fort York.

What is a city ward?

In the United States, a ward is an optional division of a city or town for administrative and representative purposes, especially for purposes of an election.

How many neighbourhoods are in Toronto?

Select Neighbourhood Profiles The map below shows the City of Toronto’s 140 social planning neighbourhoods displayed by neighbourhood number, and will be updated to 158 neighbourhoods shortly.

What is a ward profile?

The ward profiles provide an overview of the area, combining a range of data on the population, diversity, school performance, household composition, health, crime and deprivation levels. The documents include a variety of maps with local places of interest.

What is a ward Canada?

A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. … In Australia, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, they are an electoral district within a district or municipality, used in local government elections.

Where was St John’s ward in Toronto?

An Essay Marking Black History Month in the City of Toronto. During the summer of 1858, the raucous taverns of St. John’s Ward, the working class enclave that extended north of Queen Street and west of Yonge, boiled with intense, and often fractious, political debate.

What Ward is Chinatown?

To the west, Ward 6 covers parts of Downtown and the Penn Quarter, Gallery Place and Chinatown neighborhoods, home to office buildings, major retail and restaurants, hotels, museums and theaters, federal buildings, and, particularly over the past ten years, a growing number of residential buildings.

Does Ward mean child?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents. Sometimes children are known as “wards of the state,” meaning they have been taken from their homes.

Where is St John Ward?

St John’s Ward is a ward in the North East Area of Ipswich, Suffolk, England. It returns three councillors to Ipswich Borough Council. It is designated Middle Layer Super Output Area Ipswich 008 by the Office of National Statistics. It is composed of 6 Lower Layer Super Output Areas.

What is a ward person?

b : a person who by reason of incapacity (such as minority or mental illness) is under the protection of a court either directly or through a guardian appointed by the court. — called also ward of court. c : a person or body of persons under the protection or tutelage of a government.

Are there slums in Toronto?

By the late 19th century and the early 20th century, there were at least nineteen large and small areas, streets or neighbourhoods that were declared or labelled slums in Toronto. By the 1960s, almost all the slums had been cleared and were replaced by institutional, governmental and residential modern buildings.

What is the ward in Guelph?

Old St. Patrick’s Ward, colloquially known as The Ward, is one of Guelph’s most storied, diverse and vibrant areas. Bordered by Wyndham, Elizabeth, Victoria and York streets, it is also known as the Two Rivers Neighbourhood in homage to its situation near the confluence of the Speed and the Eramosa.

Where is Humber River Black Creek?

Humber River—Black Creek is a federal electoral district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1867 to 1904 and since 1917.

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