Where is the best place to stay outside paris and use metro?


  1. PROVINS. Provins Medieval Town.
  2. VERSAILLES. Versailles is one of the best small cities near Paris to visit, world-known for the magnificent Palace of Versailles.

Beside above, which area of Paris is best for tourists to stay?

  1. Marais. The trendiest neighborhood in Paris, the Marais is defined by the hip Parisians who come to eat, drink, and shop in this uber cool quartier.
  2. Saint Germain.
  3. Latin Quarter.
  4. The 7th.
  5. South Pigalle.
  6. Montmartre.
  7. The 1st.

Also, which cities are near Paris?

  1. Versailles. One of the famous cities close to Paris worth visiting is of course Versailles.
  2. Vaux-Le-Vicomte in Maincy. Not many people know that the Palace of Vaux-Le-Vicomte was the inspiration for the Versailles Palace.
  3. Troyes.
  4. Reims.
  5. Epernay.
  6. Bourgogne (Burgundy)
  7. Loire valley.
  8. Rouen.

Likewise, is the 17th arrondissement safe?

Furthermore, the 17th Arrondissement is pretty much a nice residential area and has few tourist sights. It borders on the Arc de Triumph and can be a good lodging choice if you don’t mind being a bit away from the city center. The nearby La Defense business district has many hotels and is a safe and clean area. What is this?

Where should I not go from Paris?

  1. Château de Versailles.
  2. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres.
  3. Château de Fontainebleau.
  4. Bruges.
  5. Mont Saint-Michel.
  6. Normandy D-Day Battlefields and Landing Beaches.
  7. Domaine de Chantilly.
  8. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte.

How far outside of Paris is Versailles?

It is easy to visit Versailles from Paris. The distance is only 20 kilometers, far enough to feel like a bucolic escape but short enough that Parisian mobs were able to march to Versailles by foot in the days leading up to the French Revolution.

Where should I stay in Paris for the first time?

The best area to stay in Paris for the first time is the 7th arrondissement, where the Eiffel Tower is located. This is the best place to stay if you want to be super close to the main attraction in Paris, while also having countless choices for restaurants, bars and charming cafes.

What is the safest arrondissement to stay at in Paris?

‘, our best recommendation is to stay central, where you can easily walk or take the metro to most places. Paris 4 or Paris 5 are two of the best places to stay in Paris for families. These two Arrondissements of Paris are lively and safe, with a wide range of typical cafes, restaurants, and crêperies.

What city is right next to Paris?

Saint-Ouen, France. Clichy, France. Vanves, France.

What city is close to Paris by train?

Lille is located 215 km north of Paris. Its direct and fast train connection with the French capital (only 1 hour by TGV) makes Lille an attractive destination for a weekend trip from Paris.

Where should I live to commute to Paris?

  1. Saint Germain-en-Laye.
  2. Saint Cloud.
  3. Issy-les-Moulineaux.
  4. Sèvres.

Is the 10th arrondissement a good place to stay?

The Best Places to Stay in the 10th Arrondissement. For not being in the touristic epicenter of things, the 10th boasts a surprising number of highly-rated hotels we like. Since the quartier is well served by Metro lines, we think it’s a good place to make home for a week or so.

Is 2nd arrondissement a good place to stay?

The 2nd Arrondissement is a good place to stay, still close to all the sites in the 1st with a more local feel. The passages are truly something you must explore. I love the small covered corridors lined with second hand shops, toy stores, book sellers, and boutiques.

Is the 12th arrondissement a good place to stay?

Pros of staying in the 12th arrondissement Off the normal tourist routes, but still a vibrant and very Parisian neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants. The best district to stay in Paris for those with morning trains from the Gare de Lyon.

How many days do you need in Paris?

There’s no wrong answer to how much time you should spend in Paris, but for a solid itinerary, we recommend at least four days.

Is Rouen worth visiting?

Today, Rouen makes a great base for day trips to popular sites in Normandy: Le Havre, Honfleur, Giverny, Lyons-la-Forêt, the Jumièges Abbey, Pays de Caux and the Pays d’Auge. … This makes Rouen one of the first six cities in France in terms of historic architectural richness.

What part of France should I visit?

Paris and Versailles are must-see destinations for a first trip to France. Other classic travel itineraries include stops at fashionable seaside resorts, fairy-tale castles, and glorious Gothic cathedrals.

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