Which sydney suburb is meant for you?


According to the Urban Living Index, Crows Nest is the most liveable suburb in Sydney. Other suburbs that scored highly include North Sydney, Lavender Bay, Neutral Bay, Kirribilli as well as Manly and Fairlight.

You asked, where do I want to live in Sydney? Best fit suburbs: Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Redfern, Newtown, and Kirribilli. Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are where many of Sydney’s best restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs are. If you’re a foodie who wants to be in the center of foodie heaven, then this is where you want to be.

Beside above, which suburbs of Sydney are considered the least advantageous?

  1. Kath Hulse.
  2. Hal Pawson.
  3. Margaret Reynolds.
  4. Shanaka Herath.

You asked, is Blacktown a good suburb? Blacktown – This suburb has a high crime rate, thus putting it in the list of dangerous areas in Sydney. There are high rates of pick-pocketing, teenagers’ harassment, drug use, robbery without firearms, and home theft. On a good note, there are constant police patrols on the streets.

Amazingly, what is the safest suburb in Sydney?

  1. Mount Vernon.
  2. Wheeler Heights.
  3. Northwood. Region: Lower North Shore.
  4. Port Hacking. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  5. Bonnet Bay. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  6. Westleigh. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  7. Davidson. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  8. Clontarf. Region: Northern Beaches.

Where should I not live in Sydney?

  1. Blacktown.
  2. Doonside.
  3. Claymore.
  4. Fairfield.
  5. Merrylands.
  6. Shalvey.
  7. Bankstown.
  8. Liverpool.

Which part of Sydney is best?

  1. Manly. Manly Beach: Sydney’s lifestyle Mecca.
  2. Newtown. Edgy Newtown.
  3. Balmain. Drop into The London for a pint.
  4. Glebe. Glebe is a suburb in the midst of urban renewal and change.
  5. Randwick. The Royal Randwick Racecourse is an iconic Sydney venue.
  6. Cronulla.
  7. Surry Hills.
  8. Paddington.

What is the most exclusive suburb in Sydney?

With it’s median house price hitting A$15 million in 2021, Point Piper is both Sydney’s and Australia’s most expensive suburb. Throughout the year, the suburb experienced a number of notable sales with one home selling for over A$40 million.

What is considered low socioeconomic status in Australia?

Each SA1 in Australia receives a SEIFA score which is standardised against a national mean of 1000. All SA1 areas in Australia are then ranked on the basis of their SEIFA scores. Low SES students are defined as those students who live in the bottom 25 per cent of SA1 areas in this ranking.

Which 10 suburbs of Sydney are considered to be the most advantageous?

  1. Bardwell Park. Bardwell Park is located 12 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD and sports easy access to the eastern suburbs, inner west, WestConnex, and Sydney airport.
  2. Blacktown.
  3. Narrabeen.
  4. Badgerys Creek.
  5. Windsor.
  6. Cherrybook.
  7. Avalon Beach.
  8. Miranda.

What is a low socioeconomic area?

It uses a range of different Census variables including income, education, employment, occupation and housing characteristics. An area with a low score on this index reflects relatively high levels of socio-economic disadvantage, whilst an area with a high score on this index indicates high levels of advantage.

Is Roseville a good Sydney suburb?

Roseville is a quiet, leafy suburb in Sydney’s Upper North Shore that is highly desirable thanks to the great amenities found here. There is a diverse range of tasty restaurants, mostly clustered around the local train station. You’ll also find basic shops like a news agent, pharmacy, and a grocery store.

Is Bradbury a good suburb?

Yes, Bradbury has a good reputation for families as one of Campbelltown’s older established suburbs within walking distance to shops, schools, swimming pool and cricket oval.

Is Glenwood a good suburb?

“Great suburb for families” Glenwood is a great suburb to raise a family aged from the very young children to teenagers or young adults. It has access to many close shopping centres providing a variety of options. It is only an hour (on average) into the city or to the airport.

Is Sydenham safe Sydney?

Sydenham was found to have the highest crime rate by population. Located in Sydney’s Inner West near both Marrickville and the airport, Sydenham has a recorded population of 1,145 people and had 1,469 reported incidents during the period examined.

Is Bexley Sydney safe?

It’s largely a safe and uneventful suburb, too. Crime-wise it’s had some issues with car theft, but otherwise it’s a peaceful and safe place to both live in and walk around.

Is Sutherland a safe place to live?

SUTHERLAND Shire is Sydney’s safest area to live, with the lowest crime rates across the city, new analysis has revealed. SUTHERLAND Shire is Sydney’s safest area to live, with the lowest crime rates across the city, new analysis has revealed.

Where do Bogans live in Sydney?

Western Sydney is reputed to be the home of the Bogan.

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