You asked: How to file police report online in dubai?


  1. Download the Dubai Police app from Google Playstore or App Store.
  2. Select the Report Traffic Accident service on the homepage of the app.
  3. Select the number of vehicles involved in the accident.
  4. Scan the vehicle plate number.
  5. Then, fill out details like the vehicle plate number and license number.

Additionally, how do I file a police complaint in Dubai? Those wishing to do so can call the hotline on 901 or visit and follow the instructions provided. DUBAI // Registering a complaint against Dubai Police is simple. Those wishing to do so can call the hotline on 901 or visit and follow the instructions provided.

Considering this, how do I report an unknown accident in Dubai? If the accident has led to major car damage rendering it immovable, or had caused severe injuries, dial 999 to report the accident to Dubai Police and request an ambulance. A person from traffic police will arrive on the spot to take statements and address the situation.

Subsequently, how do you file a complaint against someone? Contact your local FBI Office or call toll-free at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). If you are in a foreign country, contact the nearest legal attaché office.

People ask also, can I check police case with Emirates ID in Dubai? To use the service you need to enter your Emirates ID card number. To avail the service visit the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police app available on iTunes and Google Play. For further enquiries, call Dubai Police on 901.The Aman Service is an initiative by the police authorities to work with the public to constantly improve the security of the citizens and residents. You can report scam numbers by calling the toll-free number 800-2626, send an SMS at 2828 or email them at

What is 999 in UAE?

In case of an emergency, you can call the following numbers while anywhere in the UAE: 999 for Police. 998 for Ambulance. 997 for Fire Department (Civil Defence)

How do I report cyber crime on WhatsApp?

  • Please lodge a complaint with the cyber crime cell of your area or city. Kindly take the screenshot of posted disputed material on WhatsApp, Please provide the number and name of the person to cyber cell police.

How can I get accident report online in Dubai?

  1. Fill up application form.
  2. Submit request.
  3. Receive transaction number via SMS and Email to follow-up on request.
  4. Receive the certificate and receipt over Email to the applicant.

How do I make a accident report?

  1. The Basics. Identify the specific location, time and date of the incident.
  2. The Affected. Collect details of those involved and/or affected by the incident.
  3. The Witnesses.
  4. The Context.
  5. The Actions.
  6. The Environment.
  7. The Injuries.
  8. The Treatment.

How do I get a police report from a car accident?

To obtain a paid copy of the police report, you need to request a copy from the local law enforcement office that drafted the report. Before leaving the scene of the crash, the investigating officer typically will hand you a receipt with the identification number for the police report.

How do I file a police complaint?

You should include the following information: • Your full name and address. The name of the Police Force you wish to be subject to the investigation. Details of the allegations and complaints you are making together with the outcome you are seeking. For example, specific officers to be disciplined.

What happens when you report a crime to the police?

Once a crime has been reported, the police will start their investigation and try to find evidence. As the victim, they’ll need to talk to you and collect as much information as possible so that they can write up a statement.

Can I find out who reported me to the police?

In the US, you can file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the local police asking for any records they might have on you. Be advised, however, that if someone did name you as a suspect in an active report, that particular report will not be included in the information you receive.

How can I check my police case online in UAE?

All one has to do is to log into the Dubai Police app, go the “criminal services” section, choose the “criminal status in financial crimes” option, enter the Emirates ID number and verify via SMS.

How can I check my case in UAE online?

The Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi has an online service called ‘Estafser’, which enables the residents of Abu Dhabi to check whether they are requested by the Public Prosecution for any claims against them. To use the service, requester must enter his/her unified number.

How can police case be removed in Dubai?

If you do not have details of the cases, then I would advise that you undertake an inspection of police records to understand the situation and then clear them. You can get in touch with me on 052-9495731 or email for further assistance and clarification.

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