You asked: How to get to featherdale wildlife park from sydney?


Taronga is the better zoo and if no kids with you the better bet as the location is superb. Featherdale is the better park and if you have kids with you definitely the way to go. If you have time and you enjoy animals go to both-they are different experiences.

Additionally, how long does it take to go around Featherdale Wildlife Park? How long does it take to go around Featherdale Wildlife Park? To give yourself enough time to see the entire animal collection, we recommend at least two hours at the park.

Also know, do you have to book to go to Featherdale? We encourage our guests to pre-book their visit online. Ticket sales can also be processed on arrival at the park. … Guests will be also be screened upon entering the park. This will help us reduce the risk of COVID -19 susceptible visitors entering Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park.

People ask also, can you take food into Featherdale? YES! The Featherdale Café is located at the top of the park and provides plenty of hot food options, as well as fresh sandwiches, ice creams, tea/coffee and cold beverages. Can I bring a picnic lunch? YES!

You asked, how big is featherdale? Featherdale is located in Doonside, part of south-west Sydney, approximately 40 kilometres from the CBD. Its 3.29 hectares (8.1 acres) include animal enclosures and display areas, as well as visitor facilities such as picnic spaces, shops, and basic amenities.

What is the biggest zoo in Sydney?

Download the Taronga Zoo App or pick up a map – Taronga is the biggest zoo in Australia with 4,000 animals, so it’s well worth having a plan of attack for your visit.

Can you hold koalas at Featherdale?

The encounter includes exclusive access to Featherdale’s koala enclosures. Guest will have the opportunity to assist keepers with placing out the koala’s daily diet of Eucalyptus leaves, into our feeding pots before having a private interaction with the koalas which will assist keepers with their conditioning training.

Can you feed animals at Featherdale?

Yes, you can! Featherdale is one of the few places where you can easily feed and pat kangaroos. You’re also allowed to take pictures with them which can be quite fun.

Who owns featherdale farm?

Today the Park is owned by Elanor Investors Group and has developed into one of Australia’s finest tourist attractions in Greater Western Sydney playing an important part in the growth of the local and state economy.

Who owns Mogo Wildlife Park?

Mogo is owned by the Elanor Wildlife Park Fund and was developed in the late 1980’s. It opened to the public in 1989. Mogo Wildlife Park supports a large collection of endangered and exotic animal species and proudly boasts the largest collection of primates in Australia, including the Bornean Orangutan.

Can you hold a Quokka?

While our quokkas are certainly friendly, touching and petting them is not permitted. Quokkas and birds on Rottnest Island have been known to deliver a nasty bite as well as carry diseases like Salmonella.

Where can I meet a Quokka?

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  3. Mainland quokkas occur in three main areas: the northern jarrah Eucalyptus marginata forest (north of Perth to Collie); fragmented reserves around Albany on the south coast; and the southern forest between Nannup and Denmark.
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Where can I see a Quokka in Sydney?

Look out for quokkas at Taronga Zoo, Sydney and Melbourne Zoo. But, if you’re looking to have a closer look at their adorable faces, head to Featherdale Wildlife Park (a 45-minute drive from Sydney CBD) where you can pet them!

Where can I hold a koala in Sydney Australia?

  1. Featherdale Wildlife Park Koala encounters.
  2. Taronga Zoo.
  3. Walkabout Park.
  4. Hunter Valley Zoo.
  5. Breakfast with Koalas @ Wildlife Sydney Zoo.
  6. Symbio Wildlife Park happy snaps.
  7. Koala Park Sanctuary.
  8. Sydney Zoo.

How many zoos are there in NSW?

21 zoos and sanctuaries in NSW to see animals up close.

How many zoos does Australia have?

There are approximately 150 privately funded zoos and aquaria operating in Australia, ranging from tiny, at times unspectacular and run-down collections of pens and wire cages, to large-scale modern facilities with standards of exhibi- tion and husbandry comparable to any of the public zoos in the region.

Is Taronga zoo or Sydney zoo better?

Sydney Zoos battle winner Taronga is more of a classic zoo with animals you can see everywhere but in wonderful settings. Their installation for Australian Native animals is not so great though. … You can see the animals very well.

How long should you spend at Sydney zoo?

We recommend guests spend 2 hours within the attraction however you are welcome to spend as long as you like! Make sure you pre-book your tickets online to guarantee entry and avoid disappointment.

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