You asked: How to register for skating toronto?


Click the Find Programs button and look for Reservations on the list. There, you’ll find two listings: one for Outdoor Walk Fit and another for Leisure/Public Skate (Outdoor Park). Click on the Public Skate option and you’ll get a big drop-down menu of time slots at different rinks around the city.

Considering this, do you have to book skating in Toronto? Reservations are not needed for skating. Schedules and hours of operation vary. Change rooms and lockers are available with capacity limits. Participants are encouraged to arrive fully dressed for their skate.

Also, how do I register for recreation program in Toronto?

  1. Create an account online.
  2. Call 416-396-7378, option 1 to speak to a customer service representative.
  3. Email the Family Account Form to
  4. Fax the Family Account Form to 416-392-1551.

Moreover, is outdoor skating allowed in Toronto? You can glide across the City of Toronto‘s outdoor skating rinks this month. Mayor John Tory announced on Thursday that 38 of the City’s outdoor rinks would open, weather permitting, on November 27.

Quick Answer, can you rent ice in Toronto? Ice Rentals Ice bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. … Ice time is booked in one-hour increments. All one-hour increments include 50 minutes of permit time and 10 minutes for the maintenance of the ice.

Do you have to pre book ice skating?

We would advise all customers to prebook to avoid disappointment. For those that are not in a position to book online then there will be a provision still to take cash over the counter on the day – however we cannot guarantee access as online customers will take priority.

Is Grenadier Pond frozen?

But the grassy area of the commons, just south west of the kids play castle has frozen over into natural sort of back-yard style rink. The size of the surface doesn’t compare to Grenadier Pond but is far larger than your average city rink and the ice condition is pretty smooth.

How do you do ice skating?

What is a client number Toronto?

A Client Number is unique to each individual in your family and will allow you to track account transactions for each family member individually. In order to use Parks, Forestry & Recreation’s Touch Tone Registration system (TTR), you must enter your Client Number first, then the Family Number.

How do I get an EFUN account?

  1. Online at – the easiest and fastest way to register.
  2. By touchtone phone – follow the prompts at 416-338-0000.
  3. By telephone with customer service assistance at 416-338-4386.
  4. In person at select locations listed at and in the FUN Guide.

How do I register for swimming in Toronto?

Online at By phone with a customer service representative. Residents can register through an operator assisted phone call at 416-338-4386. Touch Tone Registration (TTR) is available at 416-338-0000.

Are Toronto shinny rinks open?

Outdoor ice rinks are open. Outdoor registered and drop-in skating programs are ongoing. Washrooms and showers are available at select recreation centres. Stay up-to-date on all changes to City services.

How many skating rinks are there in Toronto?

The City of Toronto officially opened most of Toronto’s outdoor rinks on November 27. As of Today, 38 City-run rinks have opened.

How many outdoor rinks are there in Toronto?

Toronto is the world capital of mechanically-cooled outdoor rinks (we have almost 60), so that’s a lot of access – and fun – not allowed.

Do I have to wear a mask while skating?

d) Wearing of Masks & Personal Hygiene: Visitors and skaters are required to wear face masks at all times (on/off ice).

Can you ice skate in rain?

Can you ice skate when raining?

Yes, water is a lubricant on ice so it can make it difficult. If your on a lake or pond, it would be wise to get off as the rain will cause the ice to melt and weaken. On an ice rink because of the pipes underneath, it’s not a problem but control will be less you have to skate more carefully.

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