You asked: What stores sell alcohol in Dubai?


African +Eastern and MMI are the only two companies where you can legally purchase alcohol in Dubai. Although a recent addition to the Dubai wine-shopping scene is ‘The Cellar Door’ that has opened its doors (pun intended) in the Depachika Food Hall, as part of Nakheel Mall.

Frequent question, can you buy alcohol in the supermarkets in Dubai? You can only buy alcohol in Duty Free on the way in so stock up there (before you get to baggage reclaim) It cannot be purchased in any supermarkets. The only other place you will get it is in the hotels or restaurants linked to hotels.

Likewise, how can I buy alcohol in Dubai? Do tourists need a license to purchase alcohol in Dubai? In order to purchase alcohol from liquor stores in Dubai, tourists can apply for an instant 30-day alcohol license. They’ll just need to visit a store with their passport and Dubai entry stamp. This option is not available to resident visa holders in Dubai.

Also the question is, can you buy alcohol in Carrefour Dubai? Those looking for alcohol in Dubai in the supermarket will return home disappointed. In fact, no alcohol is sold in all supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates, so you will not find a shelf full of beer and wine in Dubai. Yet you can buy beer in the supermarket, but it is alcohol free.

You asked, is alcohol easily available in Dubai? You Need a License to Buy Booze (But There’s a Way Around It) To purchase alcohol at a store, both residents and tourists require a license. But there is a loophole: To avoid having to obtain a license, visitors can purchase alcohol at Duty Free in the airport and bring it back to their hotel.What about tourists who want to buy alcohol in Dubai? Tourists are permitted to purchase alcohol without a licence. All they have to do is present their passport at one of the stores and they will be granted a temporary membership number, allowing them to start shopping straightaway.

Can you buy alcohol in Dubai 2021?

Alcohol in Dubai is sold in special liquor stores, licensed and controlled by the government. … Non-Muslim visitors who want to buy a few bottles of beer (or wine, or spirits, of course) to consume at home or in their hotel room can do so by applying for a temporary alcohol license.

Is alcohol expensive in Dubai?

Dubai ranked the 29th most expensive city in the world to live in while Abu Dhabi ranked 40th, according to cost of living experts … The cost of alcohol in the emirate was the highest in the world. In the UK, a pint costs Dh25, while a bottle of wine in the United States costs Dh51.

Do I need liquor license in Dubai?

Did you know, it’s a legal requirement for any Dubai Resident who wishes to drink, transport or store alcohol at home to hold a valid personal Alcohol Licence. Even if you’re hosting a dinner party in your home or enjoying a drink in a restaurant, you need to have a licence!

Do I need alcohol license in Dubai?

Anyone wishing to sell and consume alcohol requires a license. … And anyone flouting this rule can face serious consequences including fines and visa revocation.

How much is a bottle of wine in Dubai?

The price of 1 bottle of red table wine, good quality in Dubai is Dirham 110. This average is based on 9 price points.

Why is alcohol expensive in Dubai?

Alcohol means big business, especially for the state. There is a 50 percent import tax on a bottle of alcohol, as well as an additional 30 percent tax in Dubai on buying from liquor stores.

Can females drink in Dubai?

You will be absolutely fine. The only time people get into trouble is if they have too much to drink and then behave inappropriately and/or cause offence and come to the attention of the authorities/police.

Can I drink alcohol in my hotel room in Dubai?

Can you drink alcohol in your hotel room in Dubai? Alcohol is served in most major hotel bars, but, that is mostly for guests of the hotel. … However, if you are staying in the hotel as a guest, you can consume alcohol behind closed doors, but remember, you cannot walk around ‘looking drunk’.

Can u smoke in Dubai?

Normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape, heating tobacco, and other tobacco products are all legal in Dubai. Only if you use it in a location where smoking is prohibited, such as an outdoor smoking cabin. Smokers caught using an e-cigarette in a banned place face a fine of up to Dh 2.000.

How much alcohol can I buy in Dubai?

You may buy up to 4 litres of alcohol per person, so 4 x 1 litre bottles of spirits each, or 5 x 75cl bottles wine each or a combination of wine and spirits not exceeding 4 litres per person. Or 48 x 335ml cans of beer per person. You will need to show your boarding pass at the checkout so keep it handy.

What is the punishment for drinking alcohol in Dubai?

The punishment for possession of alcoholic beverages without a licence is punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of six months or a fine of AED 5,000, or both.

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