You asked: What to do newtown sydney?


  1. Street Art of Newtown. Points of Interest & Landmarks. By gaistrouthos.
  2. I Have a Dream Mural. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Newtown.
  3. Camperdown Cemetery. Cemeteries. Newtown.
  4. New Theatre. Theatres.
  5. Bloodworth Bellamy. Antique Shops.
  6. The Cipher Room. 1,034.
  7. Young Henrys. Bars & Clubs.
  8. The Buddha Bar. Spas.

Also the question is, what is Newtown known for?

  1. Famous for its quirky, bohemian spirit, Newtown is where you’ll find eclectic vintage shopping, iconic arts and theatre spaces, and a renowned dining and drinking scene.
  2. The southern end of the King Street strip is nicknamed SoKi, short for south King Street.

Furthermore, is Newtown Sydney expensive? With a median unit price of $749,950, Newtown is higher than New South Wales’ median unit price of $717,000. When it comes to renting, the Newtown median unit rental price per week is $450 which makes renting less expensive than New South Wales’ average of $470.

You asked, is Newtown a good suburb? Newtown is a suburb with good qualities as well as some growing unaddressed problems , a good place to visit, but not really worth the money living in.

Considering this, what local council is Newtown? Newtown – Inner West Council.

What is the safest suburb in Sydney?

  1. Mount Vernon.
  2. Wheeler Heights.
  3. Northwood. Region: Lower North Shore.
  4. Port Hacking. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  5. Bonnet Bay. Region: Sutherland Shire.
  6. Westleigh. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  7. Davidson. Region: Northern Suburbs.
  8. Clontarf. Region: Northern Beaches.

What Aboriginal land is Newtown?

The area known as Newtown was part of a broader area where Cadigal tribe of the Eora people, who ranged across the entire area from the southern shores of Sydney Harbour to Botany Bay in the south-east and Petersham in the inner-west.

What is around Newtown?

  1. Powys, Welshpool. Powis Castle. Castles and Palaces, Indoor and Outdoor.
  2. Shropshire, Bishops Castle. The House on Crutches Museum. Museums and Art Galleries, Indoor.
  3. Shropshire, Shrewsbury. Long Mountain Pony Trekking Centre.
  4. Powys, Rhayader. Gigrin Farm.

Is Newtown safe at night?

Dont go to seedy streets alone after midnight and you will be fine. Newtown is a trendy suburb, lots of restaurants and is home to lots of younger professionals , and medical staff. There is a major hospital and medical suites nearby. I believe that the crime rates and your safety factors are fine in Newtown.

What kind of people live in Newtown?

People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 15,029 people in Newtown (NSW) (State Suburbs). Of these 50.1% were male and 49.9% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.1% of the population. The median age of people in Newtown (NSW) (State Suburbs) was 33 years.

How safe is Newtown?

Newtown is not a high crime/drug area – it is lively with lots of restaurants, pubs, bars, live music, second hand shops.

Is Newtown a good place to live in Sydney?

It’s one of the last remaining bastions of alternative culture within close proximity to Sydney city, and while its popularity means it’s lost some of its original grit and prices are rising, it’s still an easy go-to recommendation for students and younger professionals who don’t need much peace and quiet to be happy.

Is Newtown a good suburb in Toowoomba?

“A beautiful suburb with character” Newtown is one of Toowoomba’s largest suburbs (geographically and by population). It is an inner city suburb with tree lined streets and plenty of old character homes and workers cottages on good size blocks.

Is Newtown Toowoomba safe?

Avoid anything on the North / North West side of town ie Harlaxton, Wilsonton, Rockville, Newtown etc as they are cheap neighbourhoods, lots of public housing, with high crime and have terrible problems with drug and alcohol. Don’t be fooled – crime, drugs and alcohol are in every suburb of Toowoomba.

What LGA is Summer Hill?

Summer Hill is a suburb in the Inner West area of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located approximately 8 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of Municipality of Ashfield.

What are the bad areas of Sydney?

  1. Blacktown.
  2. Doonside.
  3. Claymore.
  4. Fairfield.
  5. Merrylands.
  6. Shalvey.
  7. Bankstown.
  8. Liverpool.

Is Surry Hill a dodgy?

“Trendy but very dodgy, unsafe suburb” Surry Hills is a trendy suburb due to its proximity to nightlife and the city. However, with the advantages of its situation also come some very clear disadvantages!

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