Best answer: How do you pay for trains in Toronto?


You need a PRESTO Card, one-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket, TTC ticket, token, day pass, transfer, or exact cash to pay your fare on the TTC. Operators on buses and streetcars do not sell fares or carry change, so you must have a form of payment ready before you board a vehicle.

Beside above, does VIA Rail take debit? Only regular and prepaid credit cards (AMEX, Visa and Mastercard), debit cards and VIA Rail Gift cards are accepted as methods of payment onboard the Quebec City-Windsor corridor trains.

Likewise, how do you use the train in Toronto? Insert your ticket or token, or tap your PRESTO card to pay your fare. Walk through the turnstile, and look for signs directing you to the line and direction you need. Once you’ve found your bearings, proceed to the platform and wait for your train. Many stations run on multiple lines, so pay attention to the signs.

Subsequently, does VIA accept PRESTO? Back in 2016 the Ottawa Citizen discovered a business strategy from PRESTO that includes using the card as a payment device on both Via Rail and Greyhound services.

Best answer for this question, how do you pay for VIA Rail points? If you have enough points for your selected trip, you will automatically see the VIA Préférence option as method of payment during your online booking process. You can also redeem your points by phone. To make a purchase by redeeming your VIA Préférence points, call 1 888 VIA-PREF (1 888 842-7733).Meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are included when you travel in Business class. For lunch and dinner, we provide a selection of catered-type meals that include bread, an appetizer, a dessert, a glass of Canadian wine, and a selection of hot beverages1,2,3.

Is VIA Rail still running?

Unfortunately, this train has been cancelled until further notice. Your health and safety as well as those of our employees are at the heart of everything we do at VIA Rail Canada.

Is TTC public or private?

is a City agency that provides public transit services to approximately 1.7 million daily commuters in Toronto and from surrounding municipalities.

How does public transportation work in Toronto?

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) runs three modes – subway, streetcar and bus – which operate extensive routes throughout the city and suburbs. You will need a token or a pass to travel on TTC; day and week passes allow for unlimited rides on all three forms of public transport.

How much does it cost to ride the Canadian train?

The 4,000-mile train journey across Canada is one of the world’s greatest travel experiences. The spectacular coast-to-coast trip offers some of the most breathtaking scenery found anywhere in the world. And the best part? You can travel across the country for just $558.

Can I use PRESTO card on GO Train?

PRESTO can be used for travel on all GO Trains and GO Buses. You can also use PRESTO on 9 transit agencies in the GTHA, including UP Express and the TTC and on OC Transpo in Ottawa. Why should I register my card? Now that you have a PRESTO card, setup a “My PRESTO Account” online at

Do you need to be vaccinated to take Via Rail?

In line with the Government of Canada’s requirements on mandatory vaccination, VIA Rail developed a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for all of its employees. Those who have not begun their vaccination process by November 15 will be placed on administrative leave.

What is the difference between VIA Rail and GO Train?

Via trains are more configured for long hauls and have more comfortable seating and leg room, and they have food and beverage service. Go trains are commuter rail – no service aboard and more closely packed seating.

How can I pay less on train?

  1. Book in advance. An old tip, but still the best.
  2. Travel off-peak.
  3. Split your ticket.
  4. Check if two singles are cheaper than a return.
  5. Get a season ticket.
  6. Get a railcard.
  7. Pay with a cashback credit card.
  8. Earn loyalty points.

How do I pay via?

If you’re a frequent rider, the best way to pay for Via is to buy Ride Credit in the app. Before you ride, head to the app “Menu” and “Ride Credit,” and select how much you’d like to buy. Each time you take a ride, we’ll simply deduct the cost of your ride from your remaining credit.

Do VIA Rail points expire?

Expiry Policy All VIA Préférence points expire on December 31, 2021, regardless of when they were earned. However, this date may continue to be extended regularly and in such case, all VIA Préférence points will be carried over to the next expiration date.

Can I use air miles for VIA Rail?

Can I redeem my AIR MILES to obtain train tickets? AIR MILES collectors can redeem their AIR MILES points for eVouchers worth $100 and then use them to purchase any VIA ticket or product to travel system-wide, just like cash!

What is Economy Plus on VIA Rail?

Travel in comfort with maximum flexibility. (50 lb.) OR two (2) small articles of up to 11.5 kg (25 lb.) Complimentary Wi-Fi. At seat power outlets. Selection of affordable light meals, snacks & beverages.

Can you bring your own alcohol on VIA Rail?

Can we bring our personal alcoholic drinks on board? No, Provincial laws forbid passengers from consuming personal alcoholic drinks on the trains. Personal alcoholic drinks may only be consumed inside private sleeping car cabins on some trains.

Do VIA Rail trains have showers?

Shower amenities are provided in your cabin (towels, shampoo and soap). Additional amenities are available in Prestige class. At VIA Rail, safety is our top priority. Our onboard staff will take you through our procedures shortly after boarding.

What is the difference between escape and economy on VIA Rail?

The difference between the two rates can be found by hovering your computer mouse over the fare column header. There are not only luggage restrictions, but also cancellation & ticket exchange rules. Escape fares are non-refundable, economy fares are refundable. Yes you would be in the same car.

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