How to register for toronto recreation programs?


  1. Create an account online.
  2. Call 416-396-7378, option 1 to speak to a customer service representative.
  3. Email the Family Account Form to
  4. Fax the Family Account Form to 416-392-1551.

As many you asked, how do I get my family and client number? The easiest way to obtain family and client numbers is by calling 416-396-7378 (option 3) to speak to a customer service representative, Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Also, how do I register for swimming in Toronto? Online at By phone with a customer service representative. Residents can register through an operator assisted phone call at 416-338-4386. Touch Tone Registration (TTR) is available at 416-338-0000.

Also know, what is a client number Toronto? A Client Number is unique to each individual in your family and will allow you to track account transactions for each family member individually. In order to use Parks, Forestry & Recreation‘s Touch Tone Registration system (TTR), you must enter your Client Number first, then the Family Number.

In this regard, what is recreation registration? Riders are calling for a scheme to grant cheaper recreational registration and CTP insurance to dirt bike owners that will allow them to register their bikes for a reasonable cost and use them in State Forests and National Parks. …

How do I get an EFUN account?

  1. Online at – the easiest and fastest way to register.
  2. By touchtone phone – follow the prompts at 416-338-0000.
  3. By telephone with customer service assistance at 416-338-4386.
  4. In person at select locations listed at and in the FUN Guide.

What is family number?

Recognise three numbers that are related through the operations of addition and subtraction. … Recognise that there are two related addition and two subtraction equations in a ‘family of facts’. Write and read sets of related addition and subtraction equations.

Are swimming pools open in Toronto 2021?

2021 Season: Outdoor pools are closed for the season. Pool Closures and Service Alerts will list any disruptions to outdoor pools, indoor pools or wading pools.

Is indoor dining allowed in Toronto?

Indoor dining is not permitted. Restaurants are open only for outdoor dining, take-out, drive-through and delivery, including alcohol. There are no capacity restrictions for outdoor dining. Restaurants and bars must screen patrons and record patron contact information.

What is leisure swimming?

• Adult Leisure Swim-Come out to exercise, socialize or just relax. This swim is limited to 16 years of age and. over.

Do you need a RWC for Rec Reg?

No, Recreational Registration does not require a RWC.

How do I register my pitbike?

What is Club registration?

NSW allows classic (modified) or historic vehicles to transport passengers for “weddings or other functions”, if the vehicle complies with ‘Point to Point Transport’ legislation and with the approval of the primary car club, with that approval recorded in the club’s official minutes or ‘Day book’.

What are the fact families for 15 5 and 3?

Overview. Draw an array of dots on the board, such as a 3-by-5 array. Ask students for the fact family that describes the array. For this example, the fact family would be 3 × 5 = 15, 5 × 3 = 15, 15 ÷ 3 = 5, and 15 ÷ 5 = 3.

What is the fact family for 7 and 49?

What is the fact family for 32 8 and 4?

For example, in 35 5 7, the divisor is 5. two inverse operations. For example, 4 8 12, 8 4 12, 12 4 8, and 12 8 4 is an addition/subtraction fact family, and 4 º 8 32, 8 º 4 32, 32/4 8, and 32/8 4 is a multiplication/ division fact family.

Are outdoor pools in Toronto free?

The City of Toronto invites residents of all ages to enjoy the City’s splash pads, wading pools and outdoor swimming pools this season. Splash pads, wading pools and leisure swimming at outdoor pools are free for all ages.

What are Stage 2 restrictions in Ontario?

  1. businesses and organizations must ensure employees work remotely unless the nature of their work requires them to be on-site.
  2. social gatherings are limited to five people indoors and 10 people outdoors.

Can you swim at beaches in Ontario?

Boasting over 250,000 lakes, great places to swim can be found throughout the province. There are beaches everywhere, from its urban centre, Toronto, in the south, to more pristine natural areas in the north. The province has shorelines along four of the five Great Lakes (Erie, Ontario, Huron and Superior).

Do kitchen staff have to wear a mask?

All staff in health and care settings, both in clinical and non-clinical roles, may be required to wear a face mask to deliver a COVID-secure environment when this cannot be achieved through other means. All other food businesses should follow their established procedures for use of PPE in the working environment.

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