Question: How to go to tobermory from toronto?


Bus travel to Tobermory from Toronto is one of the easiest and most popular way to travel, often the cheapest, and usually comfortable. The distance between two cities is 187 miles. A 6-hour trip separates these places. A ticket for one trip will be on average 96 USD.

Subsequently, is there a bus from Toronto to Tobermory? Is there a direct bus between Toronto and Tobermory? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Toronto – 34, Asquith Ave and arriving at Tobermory – Escarpment Heights Motel. Services depart every 30 minutes. The journey takes approximately 5h 15m.

Quick Answer, can you do a day trip to Tobermory from Toronto? The truth is, you can do a one day trip to Tobermory from Toronto, if you are willing to wake up early! The trick to making it happen is timing. We headed out very early in the morning and drove up Highway 6 from the Burlington area to escape the suburban sprawl.

Similarly, how many days do you need in Tobermory? What is this? Our trip to Tobermory spanned two days, including the drive, so you can easily enjoy this trip without booking any extra vacation days from work. Make sure you check out our detailed road trip packing list to make sure you have everything you need for a memorable holiday.

In this regard, how do you get to Tobermory tour?

  1. Indian Headcove. Indian Headcove.
  2. Natural Arch and The Grotto.
  3. Hike the Bruce Trail.
  4. Take a boat tour.
  5. Walk along the Marina in Little Tub Harbour.
  6. Enjoy fish and chips.
  7. Explore local shops in Tobermory.
  8. Flowerpot Island.

Year after year scuba divers visit the peninsula to dive into its clear turquoise water and explore Tobermory‘s famous shipwrecks. Tobermory and the entire Bruce Peninsula are worth a visit if you are a nature lover – it is such a unique place in Canada that it made it into our Canadian travel bucket list.

Where do you stop on the way Tobermory?

  1. Toronto.
  2. Terra Nova Public House Restaurant and Pub.
  3. Spirit Rock Conservation Area.
  4. Greig’s Caves.
  5. Rachel’s Bakery & Fifties Diner.
  6. Fathom Five National Marine Park.
  7. Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar.
  8. Shipwreck Lee’s of Tobermory.

Is it worth going to Flowerpot island?

The interior of the island has some really good hiking trails that are worthwhile doing. The main attraction is the croppy outgrowth of rock that is the “Flowerpot”. The walk to there is well worth it.

What is there to do in Tobermory for free?

  1. Big Tub Lighthouse. 316. Lighthouses. By 488willyg.
  2. Tobermory Harbour. Marinas.
  3. The Sweet Shop. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  4. Golden Gallery Tobermory. Speciality & Gift Shops • Paint & Pottery Studios.
  5. Reader’s Haven Book Store. Speciality & Gift Shops.

How do I book Tobermory?

How to book: Reserve online at or call 1-877-RESERVE. Note – the reservation service requires that you set up an account.

Can you swim at Tobermory?

Swimming Spots Lake Huron Singing Sands Beach Public, sandy beach, shallow warm water, a couple of easy hiking trails, public washroom/change rooms. Part of Bruce Peninsula National Park. Directions – Turn off Highway 6 onto Dorcas Bay Rd. Singing Sands Entry will be on the Right hand side.

How do I spend a day in Tobermory?

  1. Shipwreck Boat Tour in Big Tub Harbour.
  2. Flowerpot Island.
  3. Visit The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park.
  4. Enjoy ice cream at The Sweet Shop on Bay Street.
  5. Visit Singing Sands Beach.

Is Sauble Beach Safe?

In its most recent weekly testing on June 26, the Grey Bruce Health Unit found 16 E. coli bacteria per 100 mL of water, meaning 11-kilometre Sauble Beach is safe for swimming. (The province considers a maximum of 100 safe, while Health Canada’s limit is 200.)

Do you need reservations for Tobermory?

Reservations are required for parking at the Grotto from April 30 to October 31 and Halfway Log Dump June 17 to September 25. The Georgian Bay shoreline including the Grotto, Halfway Log Dump and surrounding trails is a popular area of the park. A visit to these locations requires you to plan ahead.

What is there to do in Tobermory Covid?

  1. The Grotto. 1,229. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  2. Flowerpot Island. 708. Islands.
  3. Bruce Peninsula National Park. 745. National Parks • Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  4. MS Chi-Cheemaun. 644. Ferries.
  5. Fathom Five National Marine Park. 175.
  6. Big Tub Lighthouse. 316.
  7. Flowerpot Island Lighthouse. 243.
  8. Cyprus Lake. 133.

Do you have to book to go to Tobermory?

Reservation is mandatory You will need to reserve your time slot for Grotto parking. When Grotto parking is fully booked, there is no more Grotto access at that time.

What is there to do in Tobermory?

  1. Why Tobermory? Extraordinary, Georgian Bay waters surround this region so the waters are this turquoise blue.
  2. Owen Sound is the nearest city to the small community of Tobermory and one you could get lost in.
  3. Fathom Five National Marine Park.

What can we do at Tobermory?

  1. Grab some ice cream.
  2. Visit Flowerpot Island in Fanthom Five National Park.
  3. Check out some Ship Wrecks.
  4. Check out some lighthouses.
  5. Take a Cruise.
  6. Enjoy a sunset.
  7. Discover local Flora and Fauna.
  8. Eat some fantastic fish tacos at the Fish & Chip Place.

Does Tobermory have waterfalls?

Any river or stream that originates above the escarpment and flows towards Lake Ontario or the Georgian Bay is going to fall off the escarpment at some point, resulting in a waterfall. The Bruce Trail follows the escarpment from Tobermory all the way to Niagara falls, and passes by dozens of waterfalls.

Is it worth going to Manitoulin Island?

Why it’s worth the trip There are lots of “firsts” that make Manitoulin unusual and appealing. First, it is the largest freshwater island lake on the planet. It’s also home to Canada’s first European settlement, the town Manitowaning, and the historic Anishinaabe settlement.

Is there a ferry from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island?

The M.S Chi-Cheemaun is a passenger ferry capable of transporting 600 passengers and 150 vehicles, offering scenic crossings between Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula and South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.

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