Frequent question: How do you read zoning in Toronto?


Subsequently, how do I find out the zoning of a property in Toronto? Contact a Toronto Building Customer Service counter to ask about the zoning on your property. 416-397-5330. You may call from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. City Planning staff can answer general questions about Zoning By-law 569-2013 and about new zoning initiatives.

As many you asked, what is M2 zoning in Toronto? HEAVY INDUSTRIAL ZONE (M2)

Amazingly, what is RM zoning in Toronto? In the RM zone, the rear main wall of a detached house or semi-detached house, not including a one storey extension that complies with regulation 10.80. 40.20(2), may be no more than 19.0 metres from the required minimum front yard setback.

Additionally, what is R2 zoning in Ontario? The R2 (Medium Density Residential) zoning district is established to allow for the development of a mix of single family dwellings, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, garden apartments and other types of residential development at densities in the range of 11.1 to 16.0 dwellings per acre with an appropriate level of …If you are outside of the City of Toronto and want to reach a 311 customer service representative, please call 416-392-CITY (2489).

How close to the property line can I build a shed?

You typically can’t build a shed within 10 feet of the rear property line and 15 feet from a side property line. There should be sufficient room between your shed and your neighbor’s yard. If there is any question, review your permit, check with your HOA, or contact your municipality office.

What is M1 zoning in Ontario?

PERMITTED USES. No land, building, or structures shall be used or erected in the Restricted Industrial Zone (M1) unless serviced by a public water supply, sanitary sewer system and storm sewer system.

How close to the property line can I build a fence Toronto?

For safety reasons, all fences within 2.4 metres of a driveway must be of open-fence construction (for example, open mesh chain-link) for at least 2.4 metres from the lot line where the driveway begins. This applies to the fence or hedge, as well as vegetation growing on the fence and any objects placed on the fence.

How do I find the zone of my property?

Visit your local zoning office, city hall, or some other local planning board and get a copy of your local ordinance. In some areas, if you have a legal description of the property (name, address, tax map, and parcel number), you can call the zoning office or city hall, or even e-mail your request for information.

What is M zoning in Ontario?

Within an Industrial “M1” Zone no person shall use any land, erect, alter, enlarge, use or maintain any building or structure for any use other than as permitted in subsection 2 of this Section and also in accordance with the regulations contained or referred to in subsections 3 and 4 of this Section.

What are the types of zoning?

The three major activities and uses that define zones are: residential, commerical and industrial.

How do you read a Toronto zone label?

How do I change my zoning in Toronto?

Individuals who wish to use, alter or develop their property in a way that does not conform with the Zoning bylaw, must apply for a site-specific amendment to the bylaw. Individuals can do this through either a Zoning bylaw Amendment application (commonly called a Rezoning) or a Minor Variance application.

What is lot frontage?

LOT FRONTAGE means the horizontal distance between the side lot lines, measured perpendicularly from a line joining the middle of the front and rear lot lines and at a point thereon, a distance equal to the minimum front yard depth required by this by-law.

What does Zone R1 mean?

The R1 Zoning is one of the most commonly found zoning types in residential neighborhoods. This particular classification allows single-family homes to be built, with one unit intended per lot.

What does R3 zoning mean in Ontario?

The R3 Zone provides for and regulates low to low-medium density residential development permitting single detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, duplex dwellings, triplex dwellings, fourplex dwellings; and allows for the conversion of an existing dwelling.

What does Zone R 5 mean?

ZONING DESCRIPTION SHEET “The R-5, Medium High Density Multiple-Family Residential District is intended to provide areas for multiple-family dwellings at densities ranging up to medium high.”

What is 311 used for in Ontario?

311 provides residents, businesses and visitors with easy access to non-emergency City services, programs and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 311 can offer assistance in more than 180 languages.

What does calling 311 do?

311 is a non-emergency phone number that people can call in many cities to find information about services, make complaints, or report problems like graffiti or road damage. Even in cities where a different phone number is used, 311 is the generally recognized moniker for non-emergency phone systems.

What is the difference between 211 and 411?

211 is the number to call for information on community-based health, social and government services. … 411 is the number that residents call for business or residential listings (phone book/yellow pages).

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